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Traveller Elders

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Traveller Elders

Post by Misha Salander on Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:46 pm

Elders are like royality for Travellers. Only Elders can become a leaders, only they can control The Traveller Curse, calling order members in when needed or control silence of the members. Elder family are members of the Rosier family or at least one line of it. Amongst Travellers they are the highest priority, their words is hardly questioned and they are responsible for survival and organisation of the entire order.

Martin Rosier
- Older brother to Nela, direct descendant the Elder family, member of Rosier family, the original Traveller family. Born as a heir of the whole order, however gave up his position after his younger sister left. Survived only thanks to his status as Elder, which means high priority of protection for Travellers. He still remains Elder, however cannot gain main leadership again, for he once declined the position.

Nela Rosier (Deceased, age 27)
- Younger sister to Martin, left the order to live her own life with Morfin Gaunt jr.. After the death of her lover, rejoined Travellers once again, looking for safety for her and her children. Managed to escape slaghter, yet died few weeks later after complicated birth of her twin daughters. As her brother declined leader position, she was officialy to be heir after him, but never managed to accept nor decline the position, leaving her daughters being potentional heirs of lost legacy of Travellers.

Morana Arachne Gaunt-Crouch
- Youngest child of Nela Rosier and Morfin Gaunt jr., niece to Martin Rosier and sister to Marvolo Gaunt Carrow. Decided to accept her position as heir of Travellers and decided to reunite the order once again under her rule, accepting her position as Elder and also a leader. Her goal to make order at least as strong as it was before its downfall.

Marvolo Mariya Gaunt Carrow jr. (Currently still underage, not in position yet)
- Youngest child of Marvolo Eris Gaunt and Bruce Carrow, Mariya is niece to Morana, grandchild to Nela Rosier. Inherited her position from her mother when she was the only member of her line who decided to fully join the group. Still underage, will become the official elder once she joins the order at age 17.

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