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Traveller Fashion

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Traveller Fashion

Post by Lilith Morgenstern on Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:14 am

As is alredy known, Travellers are not soldiers, fighters from nature. Their usual clothing style answers to that. Well, at least party. Travellers were always proud of their status of complete secrecy. In centuries, they were capable of walking behind the shadows, unseen. Not even now we would be able to recall a face of any famous Traveller. After all, becoming invisible is one of the thing the order mastered perfectly. Anf for that, one of the very basic things, necessary for Traveller clothing is a hood. Big and dark hood that covers face of the Traveller in dark shadow. These hoods are typical for Travellers, you won't meet one without a hood and live long enough to tell the tale. But that doesn't mean Travellers wear them all the time.

At the Temná Věž, the Traveller fort situated somewhere in Czechia, Travellers wear their hoods down. It is most likely the only place where they regulary do so. Yet, not all Travellers live fully the Traveller life, which means you can meet them on a street in ordinary clothes, without anything suspicious. But of course, you won't know you talk to Traveller. Their names are sealed by silence just as their knowledge and most of the Travellers never admits they are ones at public.

But back to the clothes. Traveller ladies wear long gowns, usually in dark colors, with those mentioned hoods. under their skirts however, it's not uncommon to find set of poisoned daggers and in their sleeves, of course, their wands. 

Morana's Traveller Clothes:
Magali's Traveller Clothes:

As for men, the only typical piece of clothing is cloak, again dark enough to fit in the darkness, again, with hood. Cloaks are often black, dark green, occasionaly dark grey or dark brown colors. With both men and women, their clothes is symbol of their style. They pick their favourite colors (specialy ladies) and symbols with special meanings to them.

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