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The Traveller Curse

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The Traveller Curse

Post by Lilith Morgenstern on Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:29 pm

Travellers are very closed society that are bound by ancient and very dark magic, which always fascinated them. For this, they needed to make sure their secrets, discoveries and techniques never escape the group and remain hidden from other World. There were few resons for that. Travellers wanted to have advantage over society. Not to rule it, but mainly to protect themselves, which is and always was their first instinct. Also, given the danger some of their experiments and magic abilities can bring, the protection was also meant for society outside of the Traveller circle, for its members always knew, that some of those techniques can be used to bring destruction which no one can gain control over, when in wrong hands.

That is, why to be a true Traveller means to carry The Traveller Curse. Curse is based upon ancient dark magic practised millenia ago and even Elders carry it. The Curse allow the leader of all Travellers to summon thm together when needed. It also binds every Traveller to silence. The Traveller curse simply blocks all knowledge gained from the inner circle to be discovere by offensive spell/curse of anyone who dares to attack Traveller in order to gain such information. It also simply won't allow Traveller to speak of the secrets himself in front of people who are not members of the society. 

To gain The Traveller Curse, there are few conditions. First of all, the person who is about to be cursed, must be born as potentional Traveller, which means come from Traveller bloodline and carry birth mark. At age 17, that person must attend Traveller celebration of Walpurgis Night (30th of April) and willingly agree to bare The Traveller Curse for the rest of his/hers life, becoming member of the society and accepting all the rules. The future Traveller has to be aware of the fact, that The Traveller Curse binds his soul into darkness, which is special form of hell/purgatory/heaven for Travellers. What exactly is in the Darkness, nobody knows. No Traveller even came back to tell us. It is also not known, if Travellers stay in that Darkness forever, or their souls remain at the place on for some time and are later allowed to go somewhere else.

The process of being cursed is highly painfull and has to be done by the highest member of the society, which, except for very rare occasions, is a leader. Future Traveller holds forearms with future leader, just like when making unbreakable vow, but instead of silvery lines, black ones come out of the leaders forearm, sending it into the future Traveller's body, attacking it, which cause massive, burning pain that hits every part of the body before it hits the heart and from the heart finds its final destination in the spine. There pain ends, creating tattoo covering the skin across the spine. The process leaves new Travellers temporarily exhausted for a few days, sometimes having nightmares and halucinations that eventualy pass, which indicates, Traveller is ready to start his training.

Traveller Tattoo:

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