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The Traveller Families

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The Traveller Families

Post by Lilith Morgenstern on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:14 pm

Back before the fall of the order, Travellers were quite a huge group of various names and surnames. Yet, there are still origins and major families, that pass leadership and other important positions in the order in their direct line and all of the Travellers are somehow, even if distantly, related to them. As the order reunited, mostly only the big families survived to join and here is the list of them.

Rosier Family
Rosier family is original Traveller family. Even if they later separated into different fractions, Traveller genes lead always back to Rosiers. The family is responsible for forming the ancient tradition, only it's members could be Elders for millenia. Even now, all Elders are from the direct line of Rosiers, yet two of them under different name. Name Rosier means royality amongst Travellers and in crisis high priority of survival. That's most likely the reason, why Rosier surname is the most common in newly formed order.

Gaunt Family
Gaunts weren't Travellers until recently. The family itself was at the edge of extinction, when Gaunt twins were born. Given the fact their mother was leader-to-be, Gaunt family became another royal family amongst new order of Travellers, as their leader and also the third Elder are both from the family. 

Erben Family
Erben family is last remaining fraction of Rosier family, that survived only via one member, Laureth Azlyn Erben. Erbens were purely Czech family line of Rosiers, that were proud of their gift of seeing the future. Every generation of Erbens was proud to have at least one seer, while the rest of them focused on arts of telling the future and often could have been found as fortune tellers. Erben family always had a special position amongs Travellers and was highly protected for their abilities.

- There are of course other families to be found amongst Travellers. Recently we could see Grindelwalds, Crouch and many others amongst the ranks of Travellers. Yet all those are descendants to Rosier family at some point.

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