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Post by Harper Selwyn on Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:05 am

It was not often that Harper set foot in Diagon Alley. It was not that he disliked the crowds, or the storefronts, or the wide variety of magical implements, tools, and ingredients on sale. On the contrary, he always held a certain little fondness for these sorts of bustling locales: it held a certain beating pulse of life and vivacity that one could never quite match in any other environment. On the whole the scene was a bustle and buzz of activity-- a casual or unobservant onlooker would only see the hustle and bustle of London’s magical population scurrying about their own businesses. Yet what Harper enjoyed was watching the various people move at their own paces: a string of notes and pieces playing their own little parts and culminating in some grand symphony of life. Harper’s own pace was a steady, unhurried thing-- the man in the ostentatious green coat taking a languid stroll along the cobbled streets, pausing on the rare occasion to study some storefront or another that had somehow caught his eye.

It was only midday, but Harper did not mind. He should have been in the office, perhaps, but adhering to a strict and regimented schedule was never something he took a shine to. His department knew how to regulate themselves without him breathing down everyone’s necks. And if something were to arise that required his attention? They knew where to find him. Eventually Harper would return, but for now? He had all the time in the world.

As uncommon as it was for Harper to take the time to visit Diagon Alley, it was even rarer for the man to actually take time to visit one of the assembled shops. It wasn’t for a lack of money, oh no. The Selwyns had never been wanting for coin for centuries, and Harper’s own income from the Ministry was nothing to sneeze at, either. Fashion sense aside, Harper simply kept things in his life as simple as he could manage. Didn’t make for very reasons to stop in Diagon Alley, save to window shop and people watch.

Today, however, was one of those rare days. Flourish and Blotts. Lovely little bookshop, even if it didn’t often carry the obscurer magic books that Harper tended to favor. But what did it matter? There was always something to read. Harper might even find it here. There was little hesitation as the wizard alighted the steps and entered the bookstore.

Cluttered, crooked, and chaotic. It seemed this place never changed. The word ‘organization’ had always seemed to be beyond the comprehension of the store’s contents. Not that there was anything wrong with it, of course. Harper had always found the setting charming in its own unique way. Books stacked haphazardly everywhere, shelves beginning to sag under the weight of age and the tomes stacked upon it alike, that nostalgic scent of old parchment…


Harper inclined his head in a friendly nod at the freckle-faced witch behind the counter, flashing her a grin in response to her cheerful (if admittedly scripted) greeting. With his usual languid unhurried ease, the man drifted into the shop, glancing at the stacks and shelves with a mild interest. Unfortunately, Harper became somewhat too caught up in his browsing that, upon rounding the edge of a shelf, he very nearly crashed into someone. It was only at the last moment that Harper caught himself.

“Oh dear, my apologies.” Harper flashed an apologetic smile at the person he had very nearly run into. “I was distracted by, well… Always did have a problem getting lost in books, even if it is only reading the titles...”
Harper Selwyn
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Post by Mariya Gaunt on Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:10 am

Mariya took the time to stop at her home beneath the tavern in knockturn alley to shed her polyjuice potion induced disguise, gone was the auror from the ministry, now she looked like herself.

Thanks to living in hiding for much of her young adult life no one knew what she looked like anymore, and being a metamorphagi didn't hurt either. Pausing by the hall mirror she adjusted her hair to her favored style lately, short pixie cut and white in colour. Satisfied with her appearance she left the tavern and headed up the street to Diagon Alley.

Her little brother teddy had written the other day asking for a book on combat spells and being the doting older sister she was, she did not intend to disappoint the boy. Pulling her black robe tighter around her she dove into the crowds, weaving around people as they stopped to look at things on there way.

Finally she made it to the book store and waved to the cashier before she went to the stacks. As she began to look at the titles she felt calmer then she had all day. Work was hard and it was made worse when you were spying on the enemy. Atleast now she could wear her own face and relax a bit. Picking up a book with a interesting title she flipped it open and began to skim through some of the spells it taught when suddenly someone walked into her with enough force to make her drop the book and stumble back.

With a venom laced retort on the tip of her tongue she turned to yell at the intruder when she registered who she was. She knew him, knew him from the ministry, her alter ego had worked with him on a few cases and he was a Voldie loyalist. Internally she cursed and held back the urge to call him by name instead she quickly wiped the anger off her face and shrugged. "Its alright sir" she said softly, adopting a more demure attitude "I um..wasn't looking where I was going either" she smiled sheepishly.

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