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To the lake we go ((Open))

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To the lake we go ((Open)) Empty To the lake we go ((Open))

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:43 am

It was a day of sunshine and a day free of classes. Luvina decided she would walked down to the lake for a breather from the books and practice. She wanted to collect some flowers and plants while she was out, to practice healing tonics as well as to set a few flowers next to her bed. Walking down towards the lake wearing her uniform black skirt and a white dress shirt, she didn’t wear her vest nor robe. She wore a pair of flat dress shoes that she could easily take off to relax by the lake and maybe dip her feet in if she wanted. Her long hair flowed down her back and over her shoulders. A few books in her bag with a sketch book and notebook, a packed lunch with a little tea to enjoy. She didn’t plan on going back in for a while. Giving a twirl, she jumped on top of a little rock that sat on the shore of the lake. Her green eyes caught a few flowers and a few weeds along the shore that she thought would be fun. Knelling down on the dry grass, she began picking a few of the flowers, careful not to damage them too much as she had her herbology book out to look at what kind weeds were next to her and their uses. A few she knew already, but some she wasn’t sure. Placing down her bag next to her, a memory from a little daisy came to her when she was at her aunt’s shop and there would always be daisies in the flowers outside the door. They were her aunt’s favourite flower. She wondered if she could press some and send them to cheer her aunt up and let them know she is thinking of them. Looking up, she saw a little hare ahead of her quite a bit. She sat there watching it for a moment as not to scare it.


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