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Glimpse of a Shadow

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Glimpse of a Shadow

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:55 pm

Anora was having a busy day, her desk was being filled with missing people reports, more than the usual. This wasn't just a few runaways either, entire families were vanishing without a trace. It was odd, something odd was going on lately she could feel it.

With the attack on the ministry by the Malfoy now people vanishing, and there was pattern to it to.. first all the missing people were Muggle born or half-bloods and usually families consisting of a couple with children. Or in single missing cases they only had a career. For now she was getting ready to go to the house of the most recent report.

A couple with young children disappeared a day or two ago.. there were no signs of struggle, though there wands were left casually at the house, According to Gringotts not a Knut of their money was taken. They had attempt the contact and find the people so far not a thing. It was mostly the same for most of the cases to which it was made it weird, and why the Auror department was now involved.


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