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Alone... (Closed)

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Alone... (Closed)

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:41 pm

The sound of paws hitting the ground filled the night air, a distant howl cut through the wind. Morgan's hair whipped around her as she ran through the forest, the moon led the way to a clearing as she followed the light, the paws sounded louder, chasing her.

She stumbled over a rock and hit the ground her hands and knees scraping along the sharp rocks. She cried out in pain but the sound of the creature pursuing her urged her to scramble to her feet and run.

She kept trying to turn into her snow fox form, but it wouldn't work… "Why won't it work?" Morgan said out loud to herself as she kept running.

Morgan ran faster, but the paws kept growing closer. Her feet carried her fast and fair when suddenly she skidded to a halt gravel spitting out from under her. She looked down at the cliff and then heard the sounds grow closer. Morgan's heart raced and panic began to consume her soul. She turned and looked at the depth and kept feeling the dread that the end was indeed very near fill her up.

As the sounds grew closer she made a split second decision…and jumped.

The sensation of weightlessness overtook her as her hair flew back behind her, and her screams were ripped from her throat as the ground rushed to greet her. She prepared herself to be crushed, her eyes squeezed tight, her thoughts on her friends and how she would miss them.

Suddenly she felt a soft nose and opened her eyes with shock. She was laying on the ground having safely met the forest floor unharmed. A large wolf nuzzled her and looked down at her with piercing blue eyes full of love.

Morgan reached out for the wolf but it shied away "M..Marvolo?" the wolf closed its eyes and bowed its head pressing into her for a moment as if to hug her and then before she could react she was gone....

Morgan sat straight up from where she had fallen asleep under the shade of one of her favorite trees at the Black Lake. Her heart was pounding and tears had dried on her cheeks. She put her hand to head as she realized it was just a dream. Marvolo was gone... One of her best friends, gone...

"Marvolo!" Morgan cried out as she brought her knees to her chest and wept, sending her cries of longing to have her friend back to her to hear how much she missed her. Morgan would never forget Marvolo, no matter how much time passes. Not ever.... Marvolo taught her so much, and she would be in her heart forever...


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