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Post by Marvolo Gaunt on Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:15 pm

History is written by the victor, and the day the Dark lord fell. History changed…forever.

The Pureblood Golden Age

Ancient families lived in there gilded homes, living there lives of luxury, marriages were still arranged. Money was spent mindlessly. In the life of a purebred, every wish was granted.

Living behind the crumbling walls of an old orphanage lived two girls, Morana and Marvolo Gaunt. Daughters of Morfin Gaunt and Nela Rosier the girls were parstlemouths, and left for dead when there parents passed away. During their first year at Hogwarts, they followed in there Uncle’s footsteps. They gained the trust of there professors and even more from their friends. Recruiting followers and making oaths, and as years went on. There powers grew.

The First Wizarding War

With Marvolo at the head of the army of Death Eaters and Morana, ever at Voldemort’s side they entered into the First Wizarding War.

The battle was great as it was terrible, lives lost on many sides. During the chaos of War, Voldemort slipped off to Godric’s Hollow to murder his only rival. The small baby boy..Harry James Potter. When the curse rebounded destroying him instead, Morana stepped through the rubble and picked up a infant, a new born baby girl. Harry’s sister, Violet Potter. Leaving Harry for Sirius Black and Remus Lupin to rescue, she vanished.

The battle was won by the Ministry and the Order of the Phoenix and a large amount of the best fighters ran away and into hiding. The Gaunt Twins dissapeared with their husbands to the Czech Republic, where they stayed for 13 years. Returning to the United Kingdom when suspcion had left, Morana returned to the cold land of the Czech Republic to follow her birth right, which was to take up the Mantle of the Queen of a ancient society called the Travellers. Marvolo began working for the ministry, and for some time the world knew peace.

It was during Harry Potter’s first year at school that Voldemort returned to steal the Sorcerer’s stone, the following years saw much conflict. From the Chamber of Secrets being opened, to Azkaban break outs becoming common. Armies amass on both sides preparing for war, and it was during the Battle of Hogwarts on May 2nd, 1998 that all hope was lost.

Time Lock

The battle waged and men, women and beast died on both sides, Voldemort stood on the hillside over looking the battle, a storm waged over head of Hogwarts and thunder crashed in the air. A faint aura of magic filled the air and then…it happened..so quickly that no one really had time to react.

An explosion rocked the earth and a giant dome surrounded Hogwarts and paused only a half mile from Voldemort and his strongest wizards. Inside the dome, no one moved. Locked in the same position they had been when the explosion happened. Lightning struck the core of the school and the dome hardened. The two armies, and all the students were locked in place, unblinking, un-aging. Timeless like a insect trapped in amber..for fifty years.

Voldemort howled his unprecedented victory, he called it fate. That he was meant to win like this. Morana held back tears of anguish as she looked in at the frozen world and saw her twin sister, Marvolo trapped along side her children.

Voldemort went on to conquer the defenseless Ministry of Magic and slowly his power reached out across the globe. Dolores Umbridge, ever Voldemort’s loyal servant would be appointed as head of Education and ensure through her strict tyrannical rule that no one will learn any magic that is not approved by the Dark Lord.  Morana worked with him despite her pain and when she was not with the Uncle she deeply despised she was sitting outside the dome. Waiting…watching..a guardian Devil.

Beneath Voldemort’s Rule, muggles were hunted for sport. Muggle borns killed when the ministry was informed that they were born. Resistance stamped out before it could happen. Purebloods were treated like royalty, Half bloods were allowed to live but kept like paupers in there own towns and cities. Children were born, married and died during this time. Never once knowing a world outside of violence and evil most foul.

At long last the curse began to break and now those trapped within the once proud school are on the run. Soon they will realize the only way they can escape Voldemort is if the work together.

Going Forward

Once upon a time, in a world broken by war, a man arose to bring peace to all. This man once wore the face of a monster, only to emerge from defeat a man once more. He has gone by many names, but we know him as, Lord Voldemort. After the curse over Hogwarts had lifted, and those afflicted returned to the word,  a age of peace that had lasted fifty years was broken. War returned to both the wizarding and muggle worlds, and no amount of charms or high brick walls could keep you safe.

The battles that ensued tore the world apart, plunging the wizarding economy into collapse. The death tolls were so high that the muggle leaders had to claim acts of terrorism from unknown parts of the world had left there people dead.
Though the muggles were not as blind as some would think, and the Hunters, a faction that had been forgotten since the days of templars and crusaders, returned. Taking down  even powerful wizards, little by little.

The world cried out for a savior, for an end to the wars, the wizards begged for there chosen one, for Harry Potter to bring peace back to them. In the final battle, our Lord, our Leader Voldemort defeated the Gaunt Twins, revealing that all along, they had been using his name to create acts against the wizarding world and now that he was strong once more and free of there curse and control, he shed the face of the devil and emerged from the conflict a man.

Though peace always has its price, Harry Potter died at the hands of the wicked twins, and together the world mourned him. No one ever saw the Twin girls ever again, some rumors said that the lord and ruler of the free world, had taken them into captivity.  there followers were tried in courts and executed or imprisoned, and slowly the world knew peace once more.

Lord Voldemort brought about an era of prosperity, he allowed half breeds and muggle borns to continue attending wizarding schools and created a segregation program to keep us all safe. Pure bloods have flourished, and what remaining wizarding families that  are pure have recovered ten fold.

Ten years have passed, ten solid years of peace, without so much as a battle between wizard and muggle. Hogwarts is once again the shining gem at the center of the magical community, and our Lord has made the world a better place, through sacrifice and a firm hand. Though there are some who at times try to cause trouble, or slander our master’s name, they are few and far in between. Though in the darker corners of society whispers are spoken about secret meetings, of those once loyal, but proof is scarce.

Until then...this is not the story of the Boy who lived...This is the story, of the world he left behind.



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