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The Badger's Home (Sophia)

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The Badger's Home (Sophia)

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 11, 2015 2:57 pm

If there was one place Hufflepuffs were accepted, it was their own common room. However, Elvorix felt that he could not relate to his fellow house mates. It wasn't that he disliked them, it was that they were too talkative. He was in desperate need of a good study session, especially for Potions. Elvorix wasn’t actually all that bad at it, at least with the theory behind the subject. He knew what the Potions essay needed, he just didn’t have the strength to write anything down. Unfortunately for him, it was due the next day.

The weather had all the Hufflepuffs in high spirits and he had enough trouble concentrating without the constant hum of conversation in the background. It was more like a party than a badger’s den. Even at a relatively secluded table in the corner he had been completely unable to write down anything relating to how to properly brew a Strengthening Solution. Instead he had watched the leaves blow against the windowsill, doodling and playing with his pen (sent especially from home) at the same time until blobs of ink had dotted the entire parchment.

After a while, feeling somewhat relaxed with his knowledge he stretched his long legs out under the table, frowning slightly as his foot came into contact with something quite hard and solid. On a rather uncharacteristic impulse he aimed to kick it out of the way, his usually endless patience wearing rather thin.


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Re: The Badger's Home (Sophia)

Post by Sophia Mckinnon on Wed Nov 25, 2015 5:36 pm

Sophia walked down to the common room, her sketch book and pencils in hand. She explored the area for something to draw and her eyes landed on a boy. One of her fellow housemates. He had dark black hair and the most amazing blue and silver eyes. Him. She wanted to draw him. So she began. Her pencil gliding across the paper with a graceful ease. Soon enough, she felt a sharp pain in her leg, "OW!" She shouted
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