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The Temná Věž

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The Temná Věž

Post by Lilith Morgenstern on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:47 pm

In translation known as The Dark Tower, is huge fort built in Czechia, known for it's two towers that are built so high their tops are often hidden in clouds. The fort is situated to the west from the Wolfclaw Academy, in the deep mountains with extremely hard access. But that is about all normal people know about the place itself. There are only very few pictures, made mostly by seers who saw the place in their visions, yet it is hard to tell if it actually is the place or not only according to very few that is known.

In reality, Temná Věž really are two extremely high towers, made from the dark stone. To the fort also belongs site od halls and rooms built in the rock behind the towers and also underground hallways, that are most likely connected with the cellar maze at Wolfclaw, since it was Travellers who made the maze in the first place. The whole place is full of Traveller magic, mostly ancient and impossible to remove. That makes the place invisible and accessible only to those who know where to find it. 

Also the halls of the place are still moving, very much like the cellar maze, yet can be controller by Traveller. Instead of doors, Travellers are using mirrors very similar to Wolfclaw ones, for it was their magic that created them. Place is full of mirrors, some of them doors somewhere else, some of them showing all kinds of things. That provides ultimate protection for even if the place was found, non-Traveller would never be able to get in, get the Traveller secrets and get out. Only members of society can hear the whispers of the walls that are telling them where to go to find what they are looking for.

Fort itself is so huge Travellers themselves aren't sure how much. Thanks to always moving walls is hard to get a picture of the place in complex. It is full of hiding places in case some disaster comes, potion laboratories for research, libraries that contain ordinary books and also the biggest Traveller secrets, all kinds of common rooms including so-called throne room, where the most important actions are happening, and also hundrets of chambers where Travellers found their private sanctuary and often became their only sort of home given their nomadic nature.

Place also contains outside areas for training purposes, fun and also for a cemetary where all Travellers are burried, for their bodies often contains order secrets that must never be exposed. That only fits Travellers and their hiding nature, often very close to paranoia. All their texts are in old Czech, the whispers they hear are also in the language, yet also blocked by the spell that allows only the person with Traveller curse to hear and understand.

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