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Minds Control

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Minds Control

Post by Lilith Morgenstern on Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:24 pm

Every potentional future Traveller is born with certain level of talent in mind spells and control. This talent may not show until later and is not the same with everyone. Someone Travellers are more skilled in manipulation without magic, than with legilimency or occlumency. Yet Mind Control is one of the main priorities for the Travellers, so at some point, they master both those skills. Travellers always believed that with key to ones mind, anything is possible. They didn't only want to gain key to minds of their enemies, but mainly keys to their own minds, so they could defend themselves.


- Main and first goal of all Travellers since the moment they join the order is selfcontrol. They are taught how to meditate, how to enter and explore even deepest corners of their minds and learn to face them. That way, Travellers are capable of learning how to face their fears, skeletons in their closets, how to control their emotions to certain level, which helps them to prevent showing weaknesses or taking foolish actions. They are also able to organize their minds quickly and effectively into order only they can understand, giving them advantage even when they are exhausted, yet have to face spells that would invade their minds in order to gain informations.

This whole process is based on free associations. Once Travellers gain proper knowledge about themselves and their minds, they get to know their personality, which allows them to organize their mind into a palace, that could remind basicaly anything, depends on what is close to the Traveller that owns the mind. As an example, we can take library. Very disorganized library for an invader. In each book, there is a certain memory, yet at one shelf is mix of completely unrelated memories. The only way to find more related memory, is to read the memory your found and find the key, in form of a word, that leads you to it. Only a person who knows those memories, can recall which is the word he/she put there to remind him/her of the next part and give him access to it. It's free association that is specific for each person. 

That way all the memories are separated into millions of fragments, that only person who knows them, can connect without complicated and long process of thinking. That basicaly means, when weakened Traveller's mind is invaded by Legilimens or any other curse or spell, he can easily lead the enemy in the wrong direction, since it's only him himself who knows how to follow the hints properly.


- Manipulation is art in eyes of Travellers. Even if they are not as skilled in attacking minds with spells as others, they surely know how to manipulate. First key to manipulation is selfcontrol they, as mentioned above, have to master the first. That allows them to hide their emotions perfectly and replace them with other, fake ones in order to get what their want. Some Travellers are naturaly skilled in manipulation, others have to work even all their life to be as good as the naturally talented ones. But they are all known for the ability. The key to manipulation is ability not to lie, only to twist the truth into the form they need to use for their goal. Travellers won't lie to you. They will keep their promise once they give it. Trouble is, they know how to choose the words to make person like the deal, agree to it, and be surprised in the end.


- As we alredy know now, Travellers mastered their own minds, learnt to manipulate, which means, they also learnt about minds of others. Magic in this case, is often the last result. Travellers have time. All time in the World. Selfcontrol and ability to make their lives longer taught them patience. They will most likely use slow inconspicuous art of manipulation and spend even years making their webs around the victim, just to become their puppet masters. They found it entertaining. Yet if it comes to using magic, Traveller with a wand in his hand should be feared if for nothing, then for legilimency and spells or curses dangerous to one's mind. 

Passenger Curse

- Curse made by Travellers, mastered by them and held as one of their biggest secrets. It's based on Czech language and ability to control your mind and transport it into someone elses body. To do so, there is always needed a Host, the victim whose body will be used, the passenger, Attacker, whose mind will be transported and Intermediary, the person who casts the curse. It is complicated and wandless magic, where Intermediary needs to get hold of the Hosts unconscious body, with fingers sodden in attackers blood touch the sides of Hosts head and say incantation in Czech. That creates a link between the Host and the Attacker. The last step must be made by attacked himself, once the Host gaines consciousness, the Attacker has to touch him and say "Přebírám kontrolu za tvé tělo" (I am taking control over your body), which transports Attackers soul into the Host, yet remains sleeping until Intermediary wakes the Attacker by word: "Vyjdi" (Come out).

Once Attacker's mind in Hosts body is awaken, he can silently listen to everything that is happening around the Host, watch the World with his eyes and he can temporarily take over and actually control the body as well. The curse is perfect for spying technique, since it is undetectable. The only way to find out about Attacker, is for him to give himself away, which happens very rarely, for Travellers are very skilled actors and manipulators. Yet when it happens, the only way to get rid of a passenger is either he leave the body himself, or the Traveller knife, special old and rare weapon, that kills only the soul of a passenger but won't seriously injure or kill the Host.

This curse can be done only by Travellers. It's based on fluent Czech, very dark and wandless magic and can easily go wrong. The passenger is entering someone elses mind, he has to be very organized and have knowledge of himself, so he doesn't risk loosing himself inside the victim. If, hovewer, passenger Traveller is strong enough, he can take over victims body forever and completely destroy the sould of original victim. The most experienced and dark Travellers tend to use this technique to make their lives even longer.

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