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Rules of the Class

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Rules of the Class

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:22 pm

to all students,

Rules of my class

  1. Be in the classroom when the bell rings. First tardy is free; after that, administrative consequences will be followed.

  2. Present a pass for any and all tardiness. If you do not have a pass, the tardy will be considered unexcused.

  3. Do not stay in another professor's classroom without my permission.  

  4. Do not disrespect any one for any reason. It will not be tolerated!

  5. If you want to be that Mr. Smartass in class or the class clown, let me know.

  6. If you are absent for any reason, it is your responsibility to get and make up whatever work you missed.

Evaluation Procedures

Every student is going to have what I call a 'Journal'. You need to apply for a journal. There is a thread posted on the HoM forum for it. It's mandatory. You have no action to do with this journal except look at it. In the Journal, I will post the grade I give you for an assignment. You will know there is an update to the Journal because I will post it in my announcements page.

History of Magic, at least my class, is is not about memorizing weird names and facts, it's about understanding the material. If you do not understand something, ask! Your quizzes will not be only about facts that you can memorize from the book, it will test your understanding of the subject. Also,your evaluation grade, which will consist of the O.W.L. Grading System will be separated into two parts:

How I grade oral assignments

In every and all quizzes and homeworks, I look for content and details

The score is a number from 0-100 (refer to the O.W.L. Grading System)

Your Current Overall Grade

Your current overall grade is the sum of the scores of all assignments divided by the number of assignments there are.

Not every student is going to be 'perfect' just to get a good grade. Kay? There ARE some students who are either shy or not very good at understanding what I teach. And that's part of your character. Yea I will count it against you as a grade, but really don't make yourself the 'almighty powerful' student because I won't accept it. Smile

We will use the O.W.L. Grading System

O - Outstanding - 90-100
E - Exceeds Expectations - 80-89
A - Acceptable - 70-79

P - Poor - 60-69
D - Dreadful - 50-59
T - Troll- 0-49

How I run my class

I will post lessons under the HoM forum and title them as follows:

History of Magic L# - Title of Lesson

I have one class only which means all years are together in the same class. You all learn the same thing.

I will ask that any written assignments I assign be PMed to me. Do not post it on the lesson thread or I will discard it and give you a 0.

Lesson begins as soon as I post the thread for a lesson. I will give time for students to write out their entrances and then I will arrive and start. I will do my intro and get right into the lecture on the same post. I post ALL the lecture on one post. After I lecture, I will tell you what the assignment is (on the same post as the lecture). I will usually end my post with assigning the activity of the day and state that if any one has a question, to come up and ask me. Then you can get busy.

I will usually give students at least 4 days to post their entrance before the professor arrives to start the lesson.

TARDINESS: If you arrive late to class, meaning after I lecture, you can either (1) post as if you've always been there or (2) post as if you're late. The reason you can pick option 2 is because if you'd like your character to get in trouble with the professor, well you can.

If you have any questions, doubts, want to set up a specific professor/student relationship, PM me. I am open to it so just let me know.

-Andrew Eaton


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