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You're Boring Me (Sirius)

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You're Boring Me (Sirius)

Post by James Potter on Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:06 pm

James rapidly dashed through the corridors, sending Slytherins down. No smile hit his face, as he had heard something truly disturbing. What the hell is wrong with him? He though, sliding through an entrance, as the door closed. He climbed up the stairs, opening the door. Anger could be seen in his eyes. He burst through the door to his dorm, and pulled the curtains of Sirius's bed.

"Dude, what the hell? Fuck off," Sirius said.

"Oh know, not today!" James continued.

James grabbed Sirius by his collar, and pushed him against the wall. "You asked her to be your wife? Are you out of your damn mind? I saw you dancing with Morgan. You fucking love her. Don't say you don't. You'll just be lying to yourself, and me. I know what you did. I passed by you when you exited the hospital wing. Morgan was getting dressed. Not too hard to know what the hell that smirk on your face was all about." Passing through the dungeons finally did some good. He overheard a Slytherin talking. Damn Sirius.
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Re: You're Boring Me (Sirius)

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:58 pm

Sirius held James's arms, and made him let him go. James didn't fight it, and simply let it happen. He still considered Sirius a brother. "You...know about that. Of course I still love her. I'd be an idiot if I didn't. I've only loved three girls James. Of course neither Morgan nor Marvolo can come close to my love for Mira, but she's gone. She left me. She never told me why. Can you do that? Since you want me to come back so bad. Fetch her for me. I love her more than anything. I'm in love with Marvolo, but how do you think I feel? I shared everything with her. EVERYTHING!" Sirius dropped a tear. He pushed James slowly, as James walked backwards a bit. He knew how much Sirius had been in love at that time. But he couldn't let that pass.

"She's gone. You said that right. Move the fuck on! Don't say I don't know how it feels. Don't ever say that. You know how much I missed Helen after she broke up with me. But I've moved on. I love Lily now. And you should go after Morgan. I don't care if she's with that Lestrange piece of shit or not. She wants you and you want her." He said truthfully. He still had his quidditch bag around him. This talk was important, so he forgot to take it off.

Sirius clenched his fists, and moved to James slowly. He punched him, his fist hit his nose perfectly.

"Helen was a bitch compared to Mira! She wasn't even a virgin when you two first did it. And you were with her for a single summer. I had Mira since our first grade. And then, she disappears. You don't deserve to want more of me. Hell, even Remus is on my side now."

"What?" James asked, holding his nose, but leaning his head down. "Remus...WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME? BOTH OF YOU? You're my brothers! You always said to be careful with Peter, and now you're with them? Remus is with them? Sirius...You're nothing more than a fucking backstabber. I took you in. I love you man, and yet, you throw me away like a toy. Hell, you're with them, and I'm still good enough to let you live in my house. Go to sleep...I'm taking a walk." James said, throwing his bag into his bed.

Sirius grabbed his arm, but not after smirking. A toy. He had yet to do that with anyone. He pulled James into a hug, and rested his head on his shoulder. "I...love you brother! I'm sorry..." Sirius let a tear fall on James's shoulder, as a perfect hint. "I love Marvolo, but I can't back out now. Even Remus is in there. I have to save him." He said, not knowing his words actually made sense to both him and James. "I trusted you to save me...trust me to save Remus!"

Jame hugged his brother back, tightly. "I hate you so much right now..." He said, with a smile. He was able to do it. He got Sirius back. "I promise to let you help. Just make sure you're both safe. Oh and...I got you a present. It's from me and Lily." James pulled away from the embrace, and picked up a small box. Sirius opened it. "Shit, this is a time turner! Dude..." James nodded, and motioned for Sirius to have at it. "If this mess gets ugly, use it. Okay? If we're able to come out alright, don't use it. But if not, save everyone you can." - "Thanks James...I..."

James then punched Sirius, who landed on his bed. "Yeah, that's for earlier jackass." He said, but burst out laughing, as Sirius did the same. His brother was back, and he was glad.


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