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La lumière du crépuscule ((Open))

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La lumière du crépuscule ((Open))

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:53 am

La lumière du crépuscule, the light of dusk.

Claire stared down at the words she'd written on her notebook. Her face screamed frustration as she looked down at the English words. "La lumière du crépuscule." She muttered as she looked out over the black lake. "The light of dusk." She then said in an angered tone, hating the way English took the romance out of those words, out of the brilliant light that captivated her as it slowly settled down between the mountains, creeping down between them to disappear for the day. Twilight approached and the mysteries of the night would soon appear. A half moon shone through the few clouds that were smeared across the horizon to guard the eyes from those last rays of sunlight. Soon the moon would shine brightly again as Claire was forced to make her way back to the wonders of the Ravenclaw tower.

Beside the second year Ravenclaw student, a bag lay with various items spread out over the grass in a messy heap. Some quills, a book or two and a collection of sketches were spread out in a very much calculated rhythm that most wouldn't be able to see. There was a perfected system in the way things were placed, down to the position of her socks. Her wand was in her hand and a small tip of light burned into the darkness. Claire stood up and picked up one of the drawings, carefully stepping through the others in a fashion that was almost like a dance. "Trente-cinq, a fantastical beast. It is said to be in the black lake. Where would it hide?" She muttered, looking at the thirty fifth drawing she had with her as her eyes scanned the lake. She looked back at her books and stopped her foot in frustration.

Within seconds she was packing up, muttering angrily in French as she realised her lack of courage to enter the lake kept her knowledge from her. She needed to find that wisdom. Her bag was packed and Claire picked up her shoes, washing off her feet in the lake. "Merde." She muttered but she gently laid a piece of paper on the lake, displaying a drawing of a regular fish. It was carried on the waves and Claire turned to leave. She took a deep breath and her eyes once again travelled over the setting sun. "Whatever." She muttered and sat down again, leaning back and watching the sun leave this part of the world as the moon slowly grew brighter. She could stay up late for once.


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Re: La lumière du crépuscule ((Open))

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:49 am

Angel shifted her position in the ky high tree, her eyes lazily grazing the grounds. Where the hell are my friends Angel thought as a low wind picked up, causing her auburn hair to fly into her face. She took one last look around, preparing to head back in when she noticed another Ravenclaw near the Black Lake. A Ravenclaw she had never seen before. " Looks like I've found something to do," Angel muttered to herself, jumping from her spot in the tree. She smirked in satisfaction when she landed smoothly on her feet, the heal of her boots digging into the ground like daggers. The Ravenclaw student swiftly walked to her destination, eyeing the girl who was deep in thought.


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Re: La lumière du crépuscule ((Open))

Post by Marvolo Gaunt on Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:01 pm

((English only, this includes titles))



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Re: La lumière du crépuscule ((Open))

Post by Sponsored content

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