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Little Training

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Little Training

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 09, 2013 4:53 am

Sirius was pretty pissed. He had had enough of his family for an entire month. So, he decided to go stay with James a bit. Probably the whole Summer Break. Wouldn't hurt anyone. His mother liked Purebloods, and James and his family were such. And seeing her least favorite son out of the house would probably be a relief for her. She was definitely mother of the year material.

Sirius was jumping around the windows, and tables that the village named Godric's Hollow offered. Of course, he was in his padfoot form, so he wouldn't be recognized. As soon as he reached the main yard of the Potters, he looked around. No one in sight, he transformed back into Sirius. He opened the gate, and made his way to the door. Which he banged with his arm. "Hey James, it's me, Sirius!"


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Re: Little Training

Post by James Potter on Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:53 am

James had been sleeping for a bit. His mother didn't mind to wake him up. He was on vacation as it is. So why wake the kid up. In his dreams, an orange haired girl flashed, with an extremely bright light. His sleep was interrupted by the sound of the door knocking. His father seemed to still be sleeping, and his mother was probably busy. James looked out the window and spotted Sirius by the door. A smile ran across his face, as he rubbed his eyes. He slowly went downstairs and opened the door. "Hey Sirius. 'Watcha' doing here?" He asked, signaling for him to enter.
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