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Tatyana Harrington

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Tatyana Harrington Empty Tatyana Harrington

Post by Tatyana Harrington on Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:59 am

(Character Name)- Character Application

I confirm that I have filled all fields with an asterick (*) located on my profile on the "Profile" Tab. (Yes or No?):

I confirm that I filled my character sheet located on my profile (Yes or No): Yes

In case you are a student, which school?: Hogwarts

In case you are an adult, what was your house at school?: N/A

Basic History (only three short paragraphs to give us an idea of where you're going with your character.)
Philip Harrington and Katherine Stillman met at Hogwarts when he was in sixth year and she was in her fifth year. Philip, a Gryffindor, and Katherine, a Ravenclaw, literally bumped into each other in the Great Hall just before the start-of-term feast as they both made their way to their respective House tables, and for Philip at least, it was love at first sight. However, Katherine thought of him as a reckless jerk, never really changing her mind until he asked her to be his date at a ball that the school was holding, somehow convincing her that he was not the stereotypical Gryffindor that she was used to hearing about.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Philip asked Katherine to marry him, which she agreed to, on one condition: that they agree not to discuss blood purity with any child they might have, seeing as neither one of them thought that one's ancestry had anything to do with how they were as a person. Philip agreed, and when their first and only child, Tatyana, was born, they made sure to teach her that a good character was far more important than a good ancestry.

For the first six years of her life, Tatyana accepted this teaching without question; a happy child, she did whatever she could to please her parents. Things changed when she was seven, however. During a visit to her uncle David's house one summer, Tatyana overheard her father and her uncle engaged in a very loud verbal altercation. David Harrington accused his brother of wasting his pureblood heritage on a "filthy Muggleborn woman" and then having a "disgraceful half-blood daughter". The fight ended only when Philip declared that as far as he was concerned, David was dead to him; unfortunately, he then had to explain to his daughter what blood purity was and why some people looked down on others. From that point on, Tatyana felt an anger toward purebloods growing within her, and she has wanted to take back the family honor that she felt was stolen by her uncle when he made those statements.

Is English your first language? Yes or No: Yes
Active time on site per day: About 2 hours
Is your username your character's first and last name capitalized? (If no, place request to fix it here): Yes
How did you find us?: Through a Google search
Are you over 13 in real life? (You don't need to lie, it's just a survey):
Tatyana Harrington
Tatyana Harrington

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Tatyana Harrington Empty Re: Tatyana Harrington

Post by Lexa Valeska on Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:33 pm

Accepted. Feel free to start playing, your character will be sorted as soon as possible Smile

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Lexa Valeska
Lexa Valeska
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