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Bio-Harmony "Harm" Valeska

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Bio-Harmony "Harm" Valeska  Empty Bio-Harmony "Harm" Valeska

Post by Harmony Valeska on Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:04 pm

Bio-Harmony "Harm" Valeska  3659dae46ca664a69bc639ee0549c9cd8c5a1efc_hq
Harmony "Harm" Valeska

Birthdate: December 25, 2042
Age: 17
Species: Human-Muggle Born.
Abilities: Obscurial
Loyalties: The Witch Hunters, Her Sister Lexa.
Relationship Status: Single
House: None

Harmony, as the youngest of the Valeska sisters was always seen as the baby of the family but as she got older it was quickly seen that while her older sister was kind, Harmony was savage.

As a child she presented as a witch and her father, instead of killing the child saw an opportunity to experiment with curing the disease of witchcraft. Over the course of her childhood a cocktail of muggle drugs was tested on the girl slowly making her more and more mentally unstable.

While the drugs did suppress her magic in rare moments her father would order her to lose control over the magic so she could explode when the time was right. Over the years she became a weapon, the perfect tool of violence in the hands of the Witch Hunters.

The one thing she cares about amidst her lust for blood is her sister. Lexa is her everything and she will kill anyone who gets in her way.

-Maverick Valeka, Father
-Lexa Valeska , Sister

Bio-Harmony "Harm" Valeska  K9ae9tp
Harmony Valeska
Harmony Valeska
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