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Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide

Post by Marvolo Gaunt on Sun Mar 05, 2017 2:08 am

Welcome To Ties That Bind

Step One:
Brainstorm a character you want to make, writers block? Here are a few links that may help.
Canon Characters
Want Ads
The Sacred Pureblood Families

Step Two:
Fill out your profile and character sheet, the character sheet is located on the last tab of your profile. When this is done post an application here: Character Applications using this form: Application Form

Step Three
Next you need to claim your face here: Face Claims

Step Four:
If you are a student then jump on in at school!

--If you are an adult and you want a job you apply here: Employment

As an adult the world is at your feet, you want to join in on the wars? Join an army here: The Armies

Step Five:(Optional)
Still looking for threads to post in? Post a shout out in the OOC forum. OOC Forum

Or join our facebook group: The Avalon Pack



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