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History of Magic Lesson One (H) (Open to All)

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History of Magic Lesson One (H) (Open to All)

Post by Hermione Potter on Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:20 pm

Note: Open to all grades and houses.

Hermione took a deep breathe as she waited for her students to enter the classroom. She had spent the last month of the summer cleaning up the old history of magic classroom, left in terrible disrepair after its former occupant the ghost Professor Bins had moved on to the next world. After scouring years of dust and mold off the walls she had thrown open the old shutters, the classroom was now bright and almost cheerful.

Students began to file into the room and she smiled as the gryffindors crowded the first few rows in solidarity. Being the head of gryffindor was an honor and a gift. With the seats filled she grinned, "Welcome to history of magic, during the course of the school term we shall go over many topics, some will be familar to you all, others may not have heard of these past events. But as a class we shall work together so we all are informed and understanding."

With a wave of her hand scrolls landed neatly on each desk, "Now to begin we shall do a little pre-test to evaluate the sort of things each person knows. Just a short little essay around one or two paragraphs or a timeline of what sort of history of the magical world you know. These will not be graded, but each student will receive five points towards there house for participation." Hermione had to twist the headmaster's arm to allow her to gift so many points for just an essay but she knew it would be worth it. "If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. When you are done bring your essay to the front." She slid into the chair behind the desk at the of the classroom and opened the history textbook she had been reading and began to take notes.

(Feel free to post the essays here in the thread and to roll play in the classroom.)

Harry x Hermione:

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Re: History of Magic Lesson One (H) (Open to All)

Post by Archard Black on Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:11 pm

Sitting with the fifth years halfway through the class Archard had a pen above his ear, and a few loose pages laying around. The younger kids carried his books, it was much more practical, a true perk of a slytherin, it wasn't even bullying, it was simply younger snakes proving themselves to the older ones. That was how Slytherin worked, you weren't important unless you proved it, much like gryffindor, which was why the houses were so similar yet so different at the same time.
Placing down his pen he shrugged, tossing a page to a younger student, with the phrase, You have two minutes to do my essay, written on it. The boy got to work and tried his best at that.

History of Magic:

Name: Archard Black


- First Wizarding War, ended in the defeat of Gellert Grindelwald by Albus Dumbledore, one of the most famous headmasters of Hogwarts.

- Second Wizarding War, ended when the curse of Hogwarts began

- The Beginning of the empire of Lord Voldemort

- The curse over Hogwarts is lifted

- Many die immediately after the curse lifts, including many members of the now looked down upon families, like Blacks, Lupins, and Potters,

- Lord Voldemort wins the make shift war going on immediately after the return of Harry Potter and the Gaunt twins

- Tom Riddle is absolved of all crimes committed against wizard and muggle kind alike, his crimes being put over the Gaunt twins instead

- Today, a new year at Hogwarts.

The boy handed Archard back the paper and he read it, it was very simple however it was enough. Using his wand Archard lifted the essay and easily made it travel through the class, setting it down over the professor's desk.
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Re: History of Magic Lesson One (H) (Open to All)

Post by Emilia Shields on Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:10 pm

It was the best day ever so far! It was the first day of class within Hogwarts and Emilia was super excited about it. The first day for the young Emilia Shields to start out with her classes! The first class of the day was History Of Magic.

The energy flew off her as she had entered the classroom. She sat down quietly with this big smile on her face. Her books and some extra books about 'Homework advice' and all these kinds of extra books, that were bought by her parents in order to help her along the way within the magical school. Three quills were placed on her table while having also three different colors of ink in order to work organized. Now it might seem as if Emilia was a super promising student in this front, but she wouldn't be graded on her organization skills, but the actual marks of different tests.

The instructions were given. She lifted her quill and dipped it into some black ink before writing pretty sloppy on her parchment. She was done before you can even say History of Magic.

"History Of Magic

Name: Emilia Shields

- I have arrived at Hogwarts!"

She never had actually learned about the magical world and well to write some kind of point on it. She wrote down the only thing she knew, she arrived to Hogwarts! Hey, that's the past! It is history! She placed her paper on the side of her table. She rose her hand, "Professor Potter, I am done!" She yelled through the class lowering her hand again and crossing her arms.
Emilia Shields

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Re: History of Magic Lesson One (H) (Open to All)

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