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Burn the World to the Ground (open)

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Burn the World to the Ground (open) Empty Burn the World to the Ground (open)

Post by Elysium Kade on Sat Mar 19, 2016 8:21 pm

With a night as dark as this, Elysium's only thought was to venture into the darkness that was the forbidden forest with her patronus as her only light. Her happy thought was of her only memory of her mother. Her sweet smile, the angelic voice that sang her to sleep and the way the corner of her eyes crinkled in the most beautiful way when she laughed whenever three year old Elysium would correct her own father with such wit that it sounded like a sarcastic teenager not having her way. She adored her mother even at such a young age, her father not so much. It was rare for the psychotic fourteen year old to even delve into the thought of her family. A single thought of her late father sent a growl passing her lips. She was quickly distracted by her Dragon patronus floating in front of her expression, the look in the dragon's eyes matching the gentleness of her own mother and she lifted the tips of her hands, letting it dance across the light blue wisps. For a moment it looked startled, a furiousness destroying whatever kindness and loving it had before making it look protective, ready to look after its creator. "Who goes there?" Elysium called out, waving her wand to make her beautiful patronus disappear. "I'd much like to be alone, unless you can provide some sort of interesting conversation but I do doubt it. All you...ordinary people do bother me with your dull conversations. I do prefer more action filled evenings. It builds up an appetite.." She murmured, her voice almost musical as the wind picked up, messing up her wavy hair.
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