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Read before you register!

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Read before you register!

Post by Morana Gaunt on Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:43 am

Welcome at the Ties that Bind, our alternative Harry Potter Universe role-play site. We would like to shortly introduce you to our most important rules before you move towards the next step, which is making a new character. Please understand, that we expect you to read this before you actively participate at our site in anyway. Therefore you making character means you agree to terms stated in this topic.


-We do not tolerate insults, plagiarism or any bad behavior of any kind. Please note, that if you, as a person, are acting badly or hurtfully towards any of other members in or outside of the game, your characters may be deleted and you may be banned without further notice or warning.

- There is very strict amount of characters per person. Each new member can start with maximum of two characters. For higher amount and other parts of this rule (especially for alredy present members) please refer to SITE WIDE RULES

- By registering and playing at Ties That Bind, your content is becoming permanent part of the site and cannot be deleted. By posting here, you agree to this rule and were you to leave, content you created will not be deleted. Especially not if your ideas are big parts of major plotlines.

- Major threads in our plotlines are the only threads that require members who wish to participate to post at minimum of 250 words per post. 

There are many more rules of course. For more information on rules mentioned above, or all the site rules, please read Site Wide Rules.

Integration of new characters:

Because of the issues in the past, when our new members had hard time to get to play in actual major plot, we decided for new system, that should help you all to participate more in what is happening at the site. Here is basic information about what is ahead of every new character.

- Decide ahead where would you like your character to start and fill out the application properly, write details, be as informative as possible, especialy if you are new. That will give us better idea of where the character should be, which will help both sides.

- Make sure you check all the possible information. Look into special abilities applications, check for available positions in the game in Wanted AD's. Remember, as much as this is just a game, looking for a job or any kind of place can help you to get in the game.

We encourage everyone to participate in all types of plotlines. Be creative, work hard and you can get anywhere.

All information in this article is valid since December 26th 2015 until further notice unless stated otherwise. For further information, please refer to About The Page widget or Welcome section of the forum.

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