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At Last, Alone (Luna)

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At Last, Alone (Luna) Empty At Last, Alone (Luna)

Post by Cinnia Valkyrie on Wed Oct 28, 2015 5:28 am

Cinnia had always been the type to keep to herself, even when she was a child. Her sister had been the more outgoing of the two. In almost every way, they were opposite to one another, and they often joked that they were one whole person who was torn in two before they were born. Now, with Soraya gone, Cinnia found herself agreeing even more. She had nobody left. Her parents were long dead, and the rest of her family were nowhere to be found. It was only her, and no matter how hard she focused on school work and training, she found the hole in her chest becoming more unbearable by the moment.

Whenever she’d felt lost in the past, she would have gone to her twin, and instantly she would feel like she had found her way again. Like the lost feeling was the part of the whole within her was simply looking for its other half. But now, she couldn’t go to Soraya, and she couldn’t go to anybody else either. She’d never really made friends, feeling that her sister was enough for her. She had never anticipated that one of them would die and the other would be left alone. Of course, Soraya had never had any trouble making friends, so really it meant that she should have anticipated what had happened. Her identical in nothing but appearance counterpart falling in a battle, while she had continued living. Sometimes she wished she had fallen as well.

Maybe that was the only answer.

Cinnia did not want to end her life. Only the expanse of loneliness that seemed neverending. She couldn’t bring herself to make friends, and she didn’t know where to even start in search of the rest of her family. She was alone. The months wore on and it didn’t get any better. It was why she was standing with her forearms on the fence surrounding the Skrieking Shack rather than in the town.

Everyone there, despite the raging war, was able to enjoy themselves. It made being so alone even more difficult to deal with, seeing so many smiles and words between friends and relatives. So she separated from them, not wanting to stay in the oppressive castle, but not wanting to be surrounded by people. The shack was quiet, and she knew that people avoided the place, but still she watched it as though it was the most interesting spectacle that she had ever seen.
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At Last, Alone (Luna) Empty Re: At Last, Alone (Luna)

Post by Luna Valkyrie on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:07 pm

Luna Valkyrie, having changed her name back to her maiden name after the divorce, still mourned the loss of the entirety of her family apart from a few stray members around the world. She found herself hovering towards Hogwarts, to reminisce about the good old days where she was a student. Her fingers danced along the tattoos on her arms, tight grip upon her wrists as she strayed towards the shrieking shack where she remembered Remus and the other marauders and their many adventures. Sirus flitted across his mind and closed her eyes, remembering his gentle touch when they were good, when they acted like brother and sister and not when they pretty much destroyed her relationship with Kronos a few times. It was only now when she realized how much she didn't care about what she did with him. In fact, she enjoyed those moments.

Luna's eyes caught onto a redhead that looked very, very familiar and she faltered for a moment thinking she had seen one of her sisters but she shook her head, knowing they were all dead. "Cinnia?" She called out to her cousin and wandered closer, almost cautious to see her in case it was an old memory she had forgotten, or she was drunk again.

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