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Three of a kind. (Open, be warned, its Axel and Rhys...lol)

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Three of a kind. (Open, be warned, its Axel and Rhys...lol)

Post by Reaper Artimec Grimm on Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:37 pm

Reaper had decided it was time for him to vist the CZ, it was, afterall, the place he was born. He strolled down the road, calmly, collected. He entered the medium sized wizarding town, it was stunning, however Reaper only saw the darker sides of the town, not the elegant buildings, the large banks and monuments. What did annoy him was that the old Nexian village had been obliterated, including the graveyard. He was angered by this, but, he knew it served no point. He was from a thousand years ago, lots had changed. Especially in the muggle world. Something that interested him, not enough to distract him, but his love of knowledge drew him towards it. He cracked his bones and stood in the city center, exactly center.

He looked around slightly, not amused by the ignorance of the wizards that walked  into him. Again though, he didn't have time for it. He was meeting Solomon and Legion. Then they'd be going elsewhere. Unless a problem was created. This would most likely happened when a patrol of Death Eaters showed up. After all. Nexians were hunted now...a very bad move. Especially when Reaper and Legion were added to the equation.

Reaper sighed as he opened his pocket watch, running his thumb round the circumference, before looking at the beautifully made watch he owned. It was solid gold and platinum, it also had several symbols and markings. He looked at the hands. 18:31. They were late.

He sighed again. Before snapping the lid closed and placing it back in his pocket. With that he sunk his hands deep inside his pockets, flexing them ever so slightly, before letting them rest naturally.

After another few minutes he grew increasingly bored. Taking a seat on a fountains ledge. He took out a hip flask and unscrewed the top before hearing a shout.

Death Eaters.

With another sigh he looked up. They recognized the symbol on his cuff-links the Grimm Seal. The two of them had wands drawn and glared at him. Shouting at him to stand. He, however, didn't listen. Instead he spoke over them.

"DID YOU KNOW!" he bellowed at first, smiling slightly at the silence the gave. "It is believed we Grimm's, as in my lineage, descended from a line of hybrid Dragons and Vampires, which eventually got introduced to mere mortals. Giving a triple threat kind of ideology. The basicness of humans making us hard to guess, the speed and reflexes of the Vampire, and of course. The Strength, bravery and wisdom of a Dragon. Now...normally I’d sit and dispute this, however, lately I’ve been soul searching...and I believe it may have been possible, after all. It suits my families stereotypical traits...Alas, on a physical scale, it would be important. Unless they meant they gained these traits by drinking a Dragons blood...now isn’t that something? he said calmly. The Death Eaters getting slightly annoyed. He smiled and offered them a drink from his hip flask. When they refused he asked if they minded.
”Now. Would you like me to show you why I think it’s possible.”
They sighed and said yes, hoping it would speed thing along.
Reaper chuckled. Taking a large mouthful of the scotch in his flask, a satisfied smile as he drank the lot. Before standing spitting it out and snapping his fingers, a small flame appearing in his hands, setting the liquid alright, making Reaper a human flame thrower as he covered the pair in fire. Once he finished he laughed.

”Careful lads, that scotch has a killer after taste….” he laughed as he watched the pair struggle with the flames before falling to the ground in slumped heaps dead. Stepping over the pair he walked away, back towards the center of town. Growing slightly impatient with his brother and Solomon.
Reaper Artimec Grimm
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Re: Three of a kind. (Open, be warned, its Axel and Rhys...lol)

Post by Legion Elias Grimm on Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:33 am

Strolling through a village in czechia Legion took a deep breath before clicking his medallion, a special one chained to Solomon's brained that gave him a ringing sound in his brain, calling the man to meet Legion.

In a matter of seconds Legion was joined by the beast, blood pouring from his clothes, "The fuck happened?" Legion asked "Some trouble," Solomon chuckled and Legion placed a rough hand on his neck apparating away and joining Reaper. "You were late," Legion spat with a small smirk, "Was hungry," Solomon said simply.

"Hello brother," Legion than greeted Reaper, looking around to see if any corpses were around, "Were you having fun?" Solomon asked.
Legion Elias Grimm
Legion Elias Grimm

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