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The screams echo in the night (open)

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The screams echo in the night (open)

Post by Chelsea Daniels on Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:29 pm

Chelsea wandered around her eyes dark and pale. Her long blonde hair covered her face as the wind kept blowing everything around. Why did she feel like she was forgetting something, someone. She didn't understand, she had never felt so confused in her life. She looked at her outfit it was a sweater and a pair of jeans, what was going on. Why was it so cold. She then looked around and hugged herself. What was going on her eyes felt like shutting, it was so cold. She didn't understand. Chelsea Daniels laid on the ground in the middle of God knows where, she was cold,tired and confused. Where was she why wasn't she at the school why couldn't she remember anything but her name. She didn't understand any of this. Where was she why was she here. She looked around once more and tried to get up but then she tripped and fell forward hitting her head and knocking herself out.

She was six years old when it happened. Her mother had just gotten her a new doll for her birthday, her father had bought her a beautiful dress to wear for her party. She had a brother who had made her a pretty drawing. She giggled and hugged her brother nuzzling against him. Then a scream a murderious scream, it was coming from her mothers mouth. She spun so quickly her hair flew everywhere. Her mother laid on the ground her eyes wide open she looked peaceful if not for the blood dripping down the side of her face, a sword had went though her stomach and someone has yelled one of the forbidden spells at her mom. Chelsea screamed. Then her brother fell down behind her she spun but what she saw haunted her, her brother looked like he was kneeling almost praying if not for one thing. His head was not on his body, it was laying on the ground beside him. Her father cried out for Chelsea telling her to run but Chelsea couldn't move. She was terrfied then her father went down next. He looked calm if not for the blood dripping down his chin. Chelsea screamed loudly and ran her tiny body running so fast she didn't know she could ever run faster. Images flashed in her mind, her brother with out his head his neck showing his spine showing and the blood, oh so much blood. Her mother laying on the ground a sword in her stomach and the blood running down her forehead. Her father dead on the ground looking like he took a nap but truly he was dead the only clue was the blood dripping down his chin.

Chelsea woke up in the middle of a forest screaming so loudly you could hear birds fly away as her scream matched the one of her dead mothers. As Chelsea screamed she pass out again.
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