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Oh, what ? (Open)

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Oh, what ? (Open)

Post by Stacy Walker on Fri Oct 09, 2015 6:56 pm

Stacy was walking around corridors awhile she tried to find some place where she could be peace and in quiet. Nowadays was quite hard to find such place. She had stayed so much as possible neutral in war time. She haven't even still chosen the side. Well it will be probably Order since she isn't for sure DA material of person. No one and she herself even can't see her being DA.

Even if that can happen actually. Anyways after couple of minutes walking she just leaned against the corridor wall and looked how some people just passed her by. She have been here for sixth years for sure and her seventh year is going on right now. She realized that she doesn't have many friends, she even nowadays have no idea who are even her friends. She have lost contact lately with all people who she thought were her friends. She lately once again barely talks with people. Her life used to be much better but now again it's mess.

Just this summer her grandfather died so she has now just grandma left, with who she isn't anymore that close. She has no idea even how many years granny has left to live. She knows end of this school year she will have to began to live her own life but what she wants to do she has no clue for sure. She sighed there, looked up at ceiling for few seconds and then to ground. She just stared at the ground and wondered what she should do right now and also what to do with her future. She really didn't know anymore.
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