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Ancient Awakening (Sophie)

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Ancient Awakening (Sophie)

Post by Sage Rosier on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:46 am

Her letters had become more and more angry and Sage was officially worried. She cared for Sophie deeply, she saw her as more then just a friend or a normal girl. She was falling for her and Sophie was her Queen...but first her Queen had to learn for herself just what she was. 

After the ritual fifty years ago, things didnt seem right and now she seemed unhinged. She had to see her. She owled her one last message "Meet me in the part by knockturn Alley" the park was abandoned, dark and secluded. Personally sage loved it. 

When she arrived she sat on the swings to wait for Sophie, to wait for her Queen.

Sage Rosier
Founder/Head Admin
Founder/Head Admin

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Re: Ancient Awakening (Sophie)

Post by Sophia Gaunt on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:58 am

Sophia didn't like going to UK. But for Sage she would do anything. Rosier girl has been her companion, best friend, her guardian angel last years she could remember living. And she honestly could not wait for their school duties to be over, so they can finally be together. "I gotta admit, you have a good taste for meeting places," Soph smirked into the wind, standing now few steps behind Sage.

Sophia Gaunt
Founder/Head Admin
Founder/Head Admin

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