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Eenie Meenie Minie....Xena's Out To Play (open)

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Eenie Meenie Minie....Xena's Out To Play (open)

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 03, 2015 2:53 am

OOC: Two days prior to sadaoi's thread called where is the highway to hell

Sadaoi wasn't sure who he was right now. He was bored...yes bored. He started pulling on his hair. "Shut up! Shut up! Can't you all be quiet? Damn! It is hard to think. Think I say!" Sadaoi shouted into the darkness of the path he walked. A jerking motion and his features turned almost mocking...the way his eyes gazed and how his hair fell different. "Ooooo somebodies cranky...does the cani need a nap?" Suddenly it shifted again and again like watching a game of insanity roulette. A psychopathic laughter left before silence.

Sadaoi had silenced the voices and the others for now. His gaze moving around and seeing nothing of interest even as they approached a graveyard...his eye twitched. "I am bored...Xena you can have control." He said as his eyes closed and his features seemed to shift. His hands pulled his hair out and brushed it a million times til it fell like silk. When the eyes opened there was a different sort of gaze. Not a bubbly brewing insanity without a soul behind them...it was a softer yet ready to kick ass at any moment. "What a lovely dreary graveyard." She cooed out with a twisted interest.


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