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Werewolf Application

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Werewolf Application  Empty Werewolf Application

Post by Marvolo Gaunt on Sat May 30, 2015 11:57 pm

Werewolf Application  Tumblr_n8o803hMkf1taov5bo6_500

So you want to be a Werewolf? apply for this ability as follows and be sure to answer all the questions.

Admins reserve the right to deny any application for any species or ability.

Character Name:
Family History: (Three paragraphs explaining how this will effect your Character's family.) Reason For Ability: Atleast one paragraph.
How will it affect the game: Atleast one paragraph.
RP Sample: Five well written paragraphs showing how your character would use the ability.
A One Shot Story Explaining how you discovered this ability of yours:
(Eight paragraphs or more.) 


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Werewolf Application  A6c4b27e40_92458458_o2  Werewolf Application  E3047be284_92458451_o2

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Werewolf Application  Empty Re: Werewolf Application

Post by Lavender Brown on Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:24 pm

Character Name: Lavender Brown

Family History:
Most of the pureblood Brown family has perished since the first night of the Battle of Hogwarts. Lavender’s parents were older than most as it were, and with fifty years passing, they had died. As such, the last remaining member, Lavender, is the only person left in the family for her change to effect.

Reason For Ability:
Lavender was attacked in the Battle of Hogwarts by Fenrir Greyback, and rather than dying from her severe injuries, will soon wake to find that she had been turned into a werewolf. She was seriously injured, and if she had not become a werewolf, she’d have almost definitely died of her injuries.

How will it affect the game:
It really won’t effect the game at all, but it will effect Lavender’s own personal plot. It will add some conflict and character, while also giving her something that would make her change the rest of the way from the annoying gossip into a fighter.

RP Sample:
It had been around a week since she’d woken in the camp, and Lavender had yet to come to terms with the news. Perhaps it was because outside of being able to smell almost everything and hear a lot better, nothing was overly different for her. She knew that wouldn’t last forever, but she believed that the war- which was still raging on around them- had allowed people to see that there was more to someone that something like lycanthropy.

She’d seen a number of her friends in the first few days, while she was still stuck in the room that she’d woken in. For a few days now, though, she’d been out in the camp with the rest of the survivors, and she had been slowly adapting to the way things were now. The last thing that she remembered before the battle had been the fact that the DA had been cooped up in the Room of Requirement. Now, she wished for those times once again, because they were much more simple.

It was like being in a limbo, neither in direct danger nor safe. Lavender wished desperately that they could get out and continue the fight, but for now they remained within the confines of the Order’s camp. At least her friends were there, even as they all mourned losses and recovered from injuries. It had seemed far too soon when a whispered message told her that she was going to need to come to grips with her change much sooner than she’d hoped.

‘Tonight is the full moon,’ was all she had been told as she sat in the tent where they ate. She hadn’t even been paying enough attention to know who had told her, but she had heard it none the less. Lavender didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, or what she was supposed to do. She’d had no warning, as she was still recovering and therefore not up to her normal health anyway.

What she did know is that she didn’t want to be alone. It had taken her a couple of hours to manage to get the person she knew she wanted to be with her alone, and although she knew that David would be upset with her for not asking him, she knew that she needed to do it her way. They had agreed to join her, and it hadn’t even taken a lot of convincing. Perhaps it was because they pitied her, and knew that she wouldn’t be able to handle it on her own. Honestly, Lavender didn’t care.

She’d asked them to be around, but she didn’t want for them to see her when she first changed. Lavender had not spoken to Alexis as she had thought she might about what to expect, but she had known that she shouldn’t be close to the rest of the camp. So she left at dusk, leaving everything including her wand behind. She walked for an hour, making sure that there was no trace of the camp anywhere near her.

The change had been painful, which she hadn’t even thought to expect. What was worse was the way that she didn’t remember anything after it happened. It was like a blur. One moment she was turning into a beast and the next she was curled in a ball on the cold dirt, her clothes gone and her body shaking. Looking into the eyes of the grey wolf that stood tall only a few paces away, she reached out her hand and whispered, “Artemis.

A One Shot Story Explaining how you discovered this ability of yours:
It was cold. At least, she thought it was cold, but maybe it was her. Or perhaps she was dead. Being dead wouldn’t be the worst thing, because then the pain would be gone. But something told her that she wasn’t dead, and that it was indeed cold. As the dull ache in her body slowly became more intense, she realised that she had been unconscious. This was her waking up, and she wasn’t so sure that she was ready for that.

Apparently she didn’t get a choice in it, as her eyes slowly opened. The only thing that Lavender Brown could see was the dirty cream of what looked to be canvas above her. Her eyes closed again, and she tried to fight the urge to open them. She wanted to know what was going on, but she also knew that things may not have all been good. She didn’t know how long she’d been unconscious for, or where they even were, but she did know that she wasn’t in as much pain as she could have been.

It was around ten minutes later when she heard muffled voices. She didn’t know if they were outside of the room that she was in, or if they were right beside her and she just couldn’t hear them properly. One of them was female, that much she could tell and the other’s voice was quiet enough that she couldn’t even figure out if there was actually anybody else there.

Lavender opened her mouth to tell them that she was awake, but it was as though her throat had not felt water in a very long time. Perhaps it had been a long time. She could open her eyes, but she could do little else. Silently, she wished that she could return to her previous state of sleep. Apparently, that wasn’t going to happen, as she heard footsteps much closer to her, and the person approaching gasp.

Miss Brown?” the voice said, though she didn’t recognise it. She didn’t know what the woman was doing, but she hadn’t said anything after that. She could tell, somehow, that she was still there though, as she felt her senses slowly come back into focus. She could smell the person now, though it was neither a pretty or bad smell. She could hear the person moving around her, and even the wave of the woman’s wand through the air.

After a few minutes, Lavender was able to move her head, and she tilted it toward the woman, to see someone she vaguely recognised. After a moment, she realised that she didn’t actually regonise the woman, whom she had never seen before, but she regonised the resemblance to someone else. Blinking a few times, the Gryffindor took in the room that she was in, realising that it was a tent- much like the one she and her parents had taken camping with them in her childhood.

The brunette woman offered her a smile, as she brought a cup of water to Lavender’s lips. Drinking readily, she found her ability to move her mouth, and in turn speak, returning to her. “Where am I?” she asked, her voice even more husky than it had become after her weeks of torture some years before, “where is everyone else? What happened?

She could have asked so many questions, but she the woman had raised her hand to stop her. “My name is Alexis,” she woman explained, “I’m a healer. I’ll do my best to explain everything, as I’m sure that there are many things you would like to know. Firstly, we are at the camp that the Order set up after the war. It was not safe to stay at Hogwarts. From what I know, most of your friends are here as well. Your boyfriend hardly ever leaves, and I’m sure he’ll be back here soon.” The healer was still using her wand on Lavender, as the girl listened closely.

You were badly injured, Miss Brown,” Alexis said, her eyes showing that there was much more to what had happened, “by a the werewolf Fenrir Greyback.” Lavender remembered her attack, though she didn’t remember how it had ended. She’d lost consciousness after so long on the edge and now she wondered what had happened to make the wait for darkness so long. “There was a curse,” the woman in front of her continued, “it froze everyone in the school for fifty years, so we found out as we were leaving. We tried to do everything that we could to keep you alive, but by the time you were brought to us it was too late to stop the change. I’m sorry, Miss Brown..

..too late to stop the change. It took Lavender a few moments to understand exactly what that meant. At first, the words entered her mind and left again, but as she though of them again, she realised. She was no longer human. After everything that had happened, she didn’t know why that made her eyes fill with tears or her mind fill with worry. There was so much that could have happened to her, and others, and even though she knew that this wasn’t the worst, she couldn’t help but cry for the fact that she would never be just the chatty, young woman again.
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