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The beat of the bass (Open, preferably a boy please)

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The beat of the bass (Open, preferably a boy please)

Post by Vanessa Masters on Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:45 pm

Vanessa made her way into the night club and was met by the blasting vibrations of the bass blaring from the speakers. She looked around for a victim to dance with. But she saw no viable contestants... yet.

She had the night to herself. No Ronan, no Ethan, no one but herself. Sure, she would much rather be with her boyfriend, but she wouldnt complain to a night out.

She made her way over to the bar and ordered a fire whiskey. She leaned against the bar with the drink in her hand and looked down at her outfit. She had to admit, she looked hot as hell.

She was surprised she had gotten into the club and past security with as much ease as she had. She was underage, but she didn’t look it. She was surprised also that they did not card her when she rodered her drink, not the she was complaining.

She sipped her drink and observed the crowd before her. She really wanted to dance, but she didn’t want to dance alone. No, she wanted a guy to come up to her and ask her to dance. She continued to sip her drink and let the warm sensations overcome her.
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