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Happy Holidays (Closed)

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Happy Holidays (Closed)

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 05, 2015 6:00 pm

Axel walked, his hand holding onto Serena's, as he pointed at the lake, asking about a bunch of things, such as the legend of the Giant Squid. Serena herself was showing some trouble explaining everything, but then came her friend Rowan, and began explaining the history of the lake. Axel was actually enjoying hearing about it, specially from Rowan, someone he had seen around the Black house.

Suddenly someone tapped his shoulder and Axel let go of Serena's hand slightly pushing her towards Rowan. Turning on his heel, he was met with a grinning Kain. "Hello there, no questions, I'm here to kill you," he stated simply before...

Kain bit into the boy's neck as Axel tried to push him away, however before he could do anything else Kain stabbed him in the chest with a dagger imbued with dark magic crafted by his supplier, making him fall to the ground, unconscious.

Serena gasped as Rowan narrowed her eyebrows and moved to grab her wand that laid in her back pocket. When she tried to slide her hand down her rear to get it she found herself clutching the hand of someone else. Turning around, her brother, her personal devil that had as many thought finally left her alone, stood there crossbow aimed at her head and his fingers around her wand.

Serena turned around as Rowan whimpered slightly from both the scare and seeing the bastard that had hurt her so and that she had still not confronted. When she turned around remembering Kain was right there, the dagger was already going down her spine and she fell down next to Axel.

"What do you want?!" Rowan asked with a small growl, and Ares chuckled, before he was blasted away from her by a confringo that hit him in the shoulder. Quinn and Lara were both around the area and were seeing what the slytherins were doing in broad daylight, "Kain let her go," Lara roared moving to push Rowan aside however she received a punch in the gut that made her instantly spit blood. Looking down, Darius had his fist dipped in her flesh, twisting her organs as he moved his arm around.

A scream cracked in the girl's throat, but she was silenced as Darius took her off her feet and slammed her head on the ground. Quinn whipped out her wand and was about to help when someone wrapped his hands around her head and forced her to turn around.

She was met with the eyes of Draco Malfoy, whom pulled her head down slamming it against his bent knee, once, twice, thrice, and he didn't stop. Rowan moved to help but Darius blocked her away, carrying a grin of satisfaction as he cracked his knuckles. Aiming a punch at his side the man grabbed her hand crushing it in his powerful grip, as Kain stabbed her from behind, "Never turn your back on a shadow," Kain warned as Rowan fell into unconsciousness as well.

Quinn was now crying with the pain and could not scream because she no longer had the strength to do so. Stopping his assault, Draco shoved two dirks into her shoulders, before kicking her in the chest hurling her at Kain whom extended his arm, and with the movement, hurling his dagger at the girl. With extreme precision the dagger landed between her lungs not deep enough to pierce anything or to do permanent damage. The girl fell to the ground like the others before her.

Kain hurled Lara and Serena over his shoulders and began to walk away, whilst Ares after being healed by Archard took Rowan. Draco carried Quinn whilst Darius grabbed Axel's arm, and dragged him away...

Note// I have permission to play all characters in the thread


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