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You seem a little moody (Closed, R)

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You seem a little moody (Closed, R)

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:37 pm

Adrastos walked slowly through Diagon Alley, having apparated there with an older colleague, checking out a present for Ivy as her birthday would be coming up, of course it was still a month to go but alas, Adrastos wanted to get it sooner rather than later.

As he entered a bookstore, the dust that came out as he opened the door was overwhelming, forcing Adrastos to sneeze. Stepping in, he rang the bell and the owner came to him, "What will it be, boy?" he asked and Adrastos rubbed his chin, "Something... romant- no no no, wrong,... something interesting!... for girls, I mean," he responded as the owner gave him a dirty look and then chuckled going to the back as he shook his head.

Out of the blue Adrastos' eyes began trembling and he struggled to keep them opening, as he sneezed again. Suddenly, the gryffindor stumbled, nearly falling before catching some air in his lungs and leaning against a shelf.

As soon as he rose his head the owner of the bookstore was shot through the counter and collided with the steel wall on the other side. Turning to look at where the counter had been standing before, Adrastos stopped to cough blood, before looking against, as a hooded man stood there, looking back at him.

"The dust had a neutralizing agent. In a few seconds you'll be unconscious. Nice nap, Moody," Kain said as he stepped away from the shadows just as Adrastos fell to the floor. As Kain shoved a dagger into the owner's throat, the hooded man waved his hand picking Moody up and holding him above his shoulder, levitating, with a spell, before the two boys disappeared...


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