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Rinse and repeat (R)

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Rinse and repeat (R)

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:08 am

Fred flew high above the pitch, practicing swings with the bat he used for each of the gryffindor games. They had recently beaten slytherin and their next unofficial game would be against ravenclaw, and the team was at its peak. Sure they were disappointed the quidditch league had been cancelled that year, but still, they'd live through it.

Pulling his broom up with one hand Fred just barely avoided a bludger, that had appeared out of nowhere. Before he could even count them, hundreds of bludgers appeared from behind the towers and targeted him, all moving towards him at amazing speed.

Grabbing his broom, Fred span around in a 360 holding his bat and swatting many of balls away, "George if this is you, this isn't funny..." Fred said his eyes showing fear, as bludgers had left a mark on him since his first game was marked as the first time he cracked his head open.

Suddenly the broom under his hand was disintegrated and turned into ashes, letting Fred fall down. As he fell the bludgers hit him once, twice, thrice, and more, filling him with bruises and blood and then, a huge thud.

His body hit the floor leaving a pool of blood underneath. The bludgers suddenly disappeared leaving only one inactive no the floor, whilst his broom was reconstructed.

A hooded man then appeared and grabbed Fred's unconscious body, dragging him away...


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