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Class is in session (PG-13)

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Class is in session (PG-13)

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:14 pm

During one of the coldest nights of the year Falcon walked the lonely paths of the forbidden forest, hands in his pockets, toothpick propped in between his teeth. He chewed on it with each step, thinking of Hekate and just where his loved one was, he knew he had messed up when he missed their marriage because of Fred, but the boy had been injured and Falcon had to take him to St. Mungus. If she didn't understand Falcon would be truly disappointed...

Stopping abruptly, the chewing stopped as well, as his ears trembled slightly. Spitting the toothpick towards a tree it became lodged between the wood, as Falcon looked in the corner of his eyes, and he could swear, the shadows behind him were moving.

Narrowing his eyes he turned them to the front and Kain stood there, filled with blood and tapping his foot. "The hell..." he asked clenching his fists, and began walking towards the boy before one of the shadows was spat from the middle of the bushes and came flying towards him.

Holding out his arm as if he was already waiting his hand held the shadow's fist, crushing it just by pressing into it. Looking at the shadow, Falcon smirked down at Darius before twisting his arm and kicking him away. Kain was left stunned and his eyes widened and with that, Falcon clotheslined him, nearly snapping his neck in one go.

"My name is Falcon, do you really think I didn't see you coming?" he asked, before he felt a knee-cap smash into him, right above his right temple.

Falcon began falling but rolled to the side, getting to his feet, and passing his fingers over his head. Feeling his blood, his eyes fell on the third attacker, Ares. Right as he prepared to spear the boy away from his boots, two chains wrapped around his neck and pulled him back forcing him to fall to the ground.

Looking behind him, he saw a hooded man standing there, the chains strapped to his wrists,

"You..." Falcon growled and tried to get up but the hooded man took a step back pulling the man along with him. Snapping his fingers, Kain smirked and sat on Falcon's chest. Taking out a crowbar he hit the boy over the head, and nodded at the hooded man.

Only but a few minutes later, Falcon was thrown into the dungeon, the chains around his neck tied to the bars of his cell. "You won't be alone for long," Kain winked as he closed the door to the dungeon, taking away all light and leaving Falcon in complete darkness...


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