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Don't worry, I won't bite. (Open)

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Don't worry, I won't bite. (Open)

Post by Alana Burke on Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:17 am

Alana didn't know what she preferred. The way that Hogwarts allowed her to relax some of her well ingrained training, or the fact that one quarter of the current population knew nothing about her. It made walking around alone that much easier, and she found that she enjoyed that. There was nothing quite like making one’s way through an old castle without being too concerned about what might jump out of a dark and deserted corridor. None the less, she knew that she would be able to handle most things that could be thrown at her anyway, and so as she walked without direction through the Scottish castle, she allowed her thoughts to wander.

Unfortunately, that meant that she wasn’t paying as much attention to where she was going than she should have and as she turned a corner, she found herself walking straight into someone else. “Damn it!” she growled, stepping backward quickly and preparing herself to face whatever she’d just stumbled into. More likely than not, it was a harmless student, but one could never be too careful.
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