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Chase Daniels

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Chase Daniels

Post by Chelsea Daniels on Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:49 pm

Chase Daniels- Character Application

I confirm that I have filled all field swith an asterick (*) located on my profile on the "Profile" Tab. (Yes or No?): yes

I confirm that I filled my character sheet located on my profile (Yes or No): yes

In case you are a student, which school?: Wolfclaw

In case you are an adult, what was your house at school?:

Example Role-play (100 words min.): Chase had been one of the few people that stayed back since he had no family to go home to so he stayed back he was now sitting in front of the lake sighing at the snow around him he smiled a little before pulling out his book and reading it he didnt hear or see anyone wander near him.He looked up a bit and sighed he looked around and saw somthing move in the distance"Hello? Anyone out there?" He called his voice a bit shaky not knowing why as he waited for someone to answer.

Other questions

Is English your first language? Yes or No:: yes
Active time on site per day: As much as I can be
Is your username your character's first and last name capitalized? (If no, place request to fix it here):
Are you over 13 in real life? (You don't need to lie, it's just a survey): yes
Chelsea Daniels

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Re: Chase Daniels

Post by Alaska Gamp on Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:41 pm


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Alaska Gamp

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