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Ronan Masters

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Ronan Masters

Post by Ronan Masters on Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:30 pm

Ronan Thanos Masters - Character Application

I confirm that I have filled all field swith an asterick (*) located on my profile on the "Profile" Tab. (Yes or No?): yes

I confirm that I filled my character sheet located on my profile (Yes or No): yes

In case you are a student, which school?: Hogwarts

In case you are an adult, what was your house at school?:

Example Role-play (100 words min.):

Ronan plopped onto the couch after a long day of school and studying. He was super tired, but he couldnt sleep because of all the noise the other boys were making.

He wanted to just yell at the to shut up and be quiet, but that would be rude. Plus, most of the other boys were older than him, so they could just beat him up if they wanted to. He sighed and put his face into the couch in hopes of blocking out the sound, but that just appeared to make them be louder if nothing else.

He groaned and got up and glared at the other boys who just ignored him. He was used to the being ignored part, but this was getting out of hand, "OI! Can you all bloody keep it down? Some of us actually want to sleep here!" uh oh. He would regret that.

Other questions

Is English your first language? Yes or No:: yes
Active time on site per day: alot, as much as possible
Is your username your character's first and last name capitalized? (If no, place request to fix it here): Yes
Are you over 13 in real life? (You don't need to lie, it's just a survey): yes
Ronan Masters

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