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Victoria Catherine Holland

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Victoria Catherine Holland

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 22, 2014 3:15 am

Character Name)- Character Application

I confirm that I have filled all field swith an asterick (*) located on my profile on the "Profile" Tab. (Yes or No?): Yes

I confirm that I filled my character sheet located on my profile (Yes or No): Yes

In case you are a student, which school?:

In case you are an adult, what was your house at school?: Araneae

Example Role-play (100 words min.): Christina blushed a slight pink when he almost commented on how she looked. She rolled her eyes at what he said, "I mean come on Charlie, I'm Lucius Malfoy's daughter and I'm skilled enough not to get myself killed. You checked everywhere did you? I was home at the Manor, you could have come to check at Malfoy Manor..." she said, disappointed. When Christina asked where he had been for such a long time, Charlie told her to follow him so she did, going towards a pub. The pub was called "A Rising Diamond", her father would kill her if he found her at a abandoned pub, beneath the station of a Malfoy. Then Charlie got the locked door down with a Reducto, she followed him in. "In a Pretty good shape for an abandoned pub..." she commented innocently. Then she noticed spiders, she caught hold of Charlie's arm almost giving out a shriek. "I hate spiders..." she said under her breath.

Christina sat next to him at one of the tables, "I know they disbanded and I was there..." she told him, "Violent Man... well I have seen just how violent you can be Mister. Herbology? You? I mean you don't look like a Herbology kind of Person..." she said. "You can stay at the Manor... if you'd like that is..." she said, gulping down a lump in her throat. "I'm glad to see you again too Charlie..." she told him. "Oh come on Charlie, smile at least once for Merlin's sake... and stop frowning for once!" she told him with a scowl on her face, she punched him in the arm gently. "And here I was thinking, Charlie Thompson forgot about me..." she told him jokingly.

Other questions

Is English your first language? Yes or No:: No
Active time on site per day: 3-4 hours
Is your username your character's first and last name capitalized? (If no, place request to fix it here):
Are you over 13 in real life? (You don't need to lie, it's just a survey): Yes


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Re: Victoria Catherine Holland

Post by Marvolo Gaunt on Fri Nov 28, 2014 3:45 am

Accepted, welcome!



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