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A New Addition (Anita, Nymphadora)

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A New Addition (Anita, Nymphadora)

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:23 pm

Ted waited in the foyer at the base of the main staircase for Anita and his daughter to meet him. He was treating both his ladies to dinner both because he could and because he and Anita had something to tell his daughter. Deep down, Ted knew that Nymphadora adored Anita, as was the case from his girlfriend to his daughter, but he could only hope that the news they had for her would be received well. He couldn't see why it wouldn't, but the worry was still there.

Clicking his pocket watch open, he gave a small sigh as he saw that, if they didn't get a small move on, they were going to be late for the reservations he had made at The Three Broomsticks...


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Re: A New Addition (Anita, Nymphadora)

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:57 pm

Frowning at her hair she watched as it morphed to shoulder length electric blue and nodded. Satisfied she slid her blazer over her shoulders and tugged her combat boots on. Running down the hall she hopped on the banister and slid her way down to the bottom, jumping off she turned and yelled "Anitttttaaaaaaaaaa letss go mamaaa"


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Re: A New Addition (Anita, Nymphadora)

Post by Anita Moore on Wed Nov 12, 2014 9:05 pm

Anita glanced at her watch and groaned as she made her way through the school. The first task had finished hours ago, but she had spent far too much time lingering, sitting on a bench on one side of the courtyard as she stared at the other. Hogwarts would always be a special place to her, and as her gaze had remained fixed on a seat opposite her she remembered why. When she was a first year, she would meet with her older brother and they would talk the afternoon away about her classes and his NEWT preparations. Of course, Ernest had left school the following year, but that didn't make those moments any less precious to her.

But now, she was running late to get meet with Ted and Nymphadora so that they could head to Hogsmeade. Reaching the main entrance just after the blue-haired Hufflepuff, the woman grinned before turning to Ted. "I'm sorry! I got caught up in thought," she said, before her eyes narrowed slightly, "are we going to have to apparate to get there on time?" As she spoke, she brought her wand to her head and her wind-swept hair re-did itself, knowing from experience that it wouldn't last the rest of the night if she hadn't.


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Re: A New Addition (Anita, Nymphadora)

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:24 am

Turning as he heard both Nymphadora's call for Anita and Anita's answer in reply, Ted snapped his pocket watch closed and slipped it back into his vest pocket, just above his Auror badge. "There are my two ladies!" he greeted them happily. Putting one arm around his daughter's shoulders and holding out a hand for Anita, he smirked lightly. "Nah... We can make it in time. Besides, it's not too cold for a little walk. But, if you two had been much longer," he teased, "Apparation would be the only way we'd get there even close to time." Leading the way to the door, he held it open for them both. "Nyph, wanna lead the way to Hogsmeade?" he asked his blue haired daughter with a wink.


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Re: A New Addition (Anita, Nymphadora)

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