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Trail by Fire (open)

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Trail by Fire (open)

Post by Laureth Azlyn Erben on Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:04 pm

Laureth allowed the wind to move around her hair, messing it up as she wandered aimlessly around the Hogwarts land. Chimera walked ahead of her master and went towards a burnt circle in the ground, sitting around the edge whilst Laureth sat in the middle. Her staff was stabbed into the ground beside her, the breeze getting stronger. In the blind girl's mind, a chessboard appeared and began moving around the pieces. If one was looking at her, her fingers moved like she was controlling the strings of a puppet and suddenly her hands stilled. In a smooth motion, her index finger and thumb picked up something from mid air and pulled away a long golden chain. 

Throwing it in the air, it spread out and fit into the burnt part of the circle before it burst into flames. Laureth let out a gentle hum, stood up and held her hand out. Focusing on the heat, the sound of crackling and the look of fire, she concentrated hard with her energy and felt it spring up a tiny bit. She muttered in latin for the fire to grow and burn, to destroy whatever is in its path and shot her hand to the left where there was a charred target. It formed into an arrow whilst her wand sparked the moment Laureth's fingertips touched the moon on top before hitting the bullseye. It caused the target to burst into flames and Laureth's face lit up, feeling the surge of heat in her area and grinned madly. ''Chimera! Did you see that!? It worked! The spells and chessboard worked! Oh thank the gods.'' She exclaimed, her OUTFIT clinking as she danced in the fire circle that had formed again. She danced like an old fashioned gypsy girl and stayed within the circle, like it was protecting her. Laureth was tense however, feeling someone close by.
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