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Rules For Canon and Pre-Made Characters

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Rules For Canon and Pre-Made Characters

Post by Marvolo Gaunt on Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:59 pm

Canon Characters are characters that were created for the Harry Potter books/Video games/Movies/Potter more.

A pre-made Character is when someone creates a character for the purpose of another person to play them. For example a man wishes to be a father so he creates a character and asks for someone to play his son.

1) Major changes to a Canon Character's life must be approved by all three admins. Major changes to a pre-made Character's life must be approved by the creator.

2) Taking a Canon Character is a COMMITMENT. If you do not log in for a month you will be at risk of loosing that character, if you do not reply to correspondence from staff you will lose that character and it will be given to someone else.

3) If you are playing a pre-made character at someone's request, yes it is YOUR character but if the creator has problems with things you are doing that was outlined before you accepted the role then they reserve the right to re-assign the role.

4) Creators reserve the right to re-assign a pre-made character if that character is inactive.



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