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Fight For Future's Past

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Fight For Future's Past

Post by Stacy Walker on Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:05 am

Future's Past is an origingalish type play by post RPG. Its like a combination mix of Logan's Run/X-men/revolt against goverment. Set in an alternate or even not too distant future. Where in the middle of the 21st century humanity almost went extinct. Because of nuclear radiation that saturated the atmosphere, domes were built. This along with being able to controle and regulate the weather, recycle air and a few other things is all that remains of our once superior technology. Clockwork and steam power are some of the alternate means of technology and power. Trains and airship are how people get around. Everything from food to clothing is rationed.

People have developed abilities from the generations of pollutants and such many generations before. Because of this jobs were no longer passed from parent to child, but by the abilities you were born with.

The regime that had come up with the new laws, created the domes, and governing everyone is called the Magistrate. They have been the reason behind the laws, rationing, and it's strict zero tolerance policy. They have ruled for generations. Believing they are creating a better world for humanity. Now there is a rumor that it might be possible for people to live outside the domes.

The Vastus, the ones that oppose the Magistrate are tired of how things are done and want to overthrow them. They want to be able to govern themselves. To be able to choose their own jobs, have food and medicine without it being rationed. To not be bound by the population laws of two children and being able to age past the age of fifty-five.

Where do you stand? With the Magistrate or the Vastus? How will you fight to ensure we get back the future we should have had in the past? The past is our future and our future is our past.


(PS! not my created, i just help advertise it little bit)
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