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The Hogwarts Experience

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The Hogwarts Experience

Post by Raistlin The Wizard on Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:04 pm

The Hogwarts Experience

hogwarts-experience . heavenforum . org

The Hogwarts Experience is a site full of magical and fun things to do. The Hogwarts Experience (also known as HE) is run by Raistlin the Wizard, with a team of dedicated staff supporting them. It's a fun and great place to meet new online friends.

At HE, you can...
-Participate in classes (non-RPG),
-Take The Hogwarts Experience exams such as the OWLs, apparition, animagus and more (non-RPG)
-Take part in events and challenges and tournaments (non-RPG)
-Take part in Quidditch and Duelling (RPG).
-General chat, games forum and online diary space.
-Play in a small off-forum RPG section.

But best of all, the Houses, with friendly competition regarding house points…

Hogwarts Experience classes and challenges are a great way to earn house points for your house.

Once you’ve signed up you get sorted, then when you're sorted into one of the four Hogwarts houses you can go on about your business earning house points for your house helping them on their way to winning the house cup at the end of term. After a while you might be interested in joining the Quidditch team, which is a lot of fun and offers up house points at the end of the year, then the winning team of the year is awarded the Quidditch Cup.

Not only are there classes and challenges, but art, graphics, duelling, debate and photography tournaments, as well as our Main and Second Events - in the past we've held a Quadwizard Tournament, HE Big Brother, Olympics and more. These are always very fun and all earn housepoints with your friends in your HE House.

All in all, The Hogwarts Experience is a great place to be. With so much fun and friendship, believe me if The Hogwarts Experience walls could talk you’d die before they finished chapter one.

Raistlin The Wizard

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