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Closing Time (Zoey, open)

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Closing Time (Zoey, open) Empty Closing Time (Zoey, open)

Post by Selena Snape on Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:33 pm

"Yes, Mrs. Robinson. I will owl you as soon as I got the test results back, then we can go over suitable therapies that can help your husband." Selena smiled at her patient, in a kind, but still professionally way, as she guided the woman to the exit of the Department for Spell Damage. She waved off her last patient for the day and pulled the hair pin out of her long dark locks, feeling less restrained that way. "Thank you for staying a bit later, Tracy." she smiled tiredly at the mediwitch who had assisted her with the last patience although her shift was long over. Sometimes, it was just necessary to work longer to get everything done. "No problem, Selena. I just leave earlier this weekend." the other woman commented with a wink.

Selena removed her healer robes and pulled on her light summer cloak, getting ready to leave for the day. She instructed her colleagues on the current files they had to deal with before leaving the department to make her way to the cafeteria of the hospital to get a snack. She bought a sandwich and soda and sat down with some of the files she had to work on.
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Closing Time (Zoey, open) Empty Re: Closing Time (Zoey, open)

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:39 am

Zoey had finished with her work already like a hour ago but she had to go through of piles of paper work and files. She sat down at her desk and looked through them. Soon she heard her stomach making noises so she realized that she is hungry and needs to go eat somethin. Zoey did finish her work soon and walked to the hospital cafeteria. She did brought sandwich and also coffee. She looked now where to sit. She saw Selena there. "Hey can I sit down here with you?" She asked from her whe she was near her.


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