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What Is A Secret Society On TTB?

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What Is A Secret Society On TTB?

Post by Corvinus Valkyrie on Sun Jun 01, 2014 1:02 am

In the world of Harry Potter we know of two 'secret' societies that exist. The Death Eaters and The Order of The Phoenix. On Ties That Bind, we offer so many more factions in this wonderful wizarding world then just those two. While you can join the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix without a special application, below are the secret societies you can join.

~The Templars
~~~Like many people know the Templars are a ancient order of knights that serve the Christian church. On TTB the Templars are an ancient order of knights that work towards the greater good, whichever greater good that may be. The Templars are heavily written into the TTB plot and currently side with the Order of The Phoenix.
The head of the Order is Axel.

~The Jen Tukstan
~~~An ancient order of darkness bent on causing chaos and destruction wherever they are. They are secretive beyond compare even more so that all other orders of their kind, and are the true puppet masters. The Jen Tukstan have their own side which is destruction.
The head of the Order is Axel.

~The Order of The Drakon Novorodano (The Protectors)
~~~If you have ever been a fan of Assassin's creed then you already know who the Protector's are. These people are involved in a order older then civilization though through out time there numbers have decreased. The Order's purpose is to do there job, kill the target and fight for whichever cause the order protects.
The head of The Order is Anna.

~The Vagr
~~~Werewolves meet Irish clan traditions in the Vagr. An ancient order of werewolves kept to ensure the name wolf is protected and to ensure balance is kept in the world the Vagr are a force for Chaotic Good. Neither dark nor light they walk the narrow grey lines that many cannot. When the members of the clan turn sixteen they choose whether or not to "Take the Wolf" which means they are sworn into the pack and receive a injury from an Alpha marking them and infecting them with the lightest dose of the werewolf gene.
The head of the Order is Cole.

~The Travellers
~~~Long ago a poweful tribe of witches and wizards made there way across the cold waste lands of Europe, there power unmatched, there secrets unheard of. With there wicked webs weaved through every political group they had absolute power. Centuries have passed since anyone has last heard of the Travellers and they have returned.
The head of the Order is Nana.

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