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The Beltane Fires (Open to All Students and Staff)

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The Beltane Fires (Open to All Students and Staff)

Post by Dellen Lestrange on Thu May 02, 2013 12:43 am

The sun set on the first day of the fire festival of Beltane, and from her dormitory in the castle. Dellen could already hear the forest becoming alive with the sounds of summer and happiness. Slipping out of her usual clingy black robes she donned a silver skirt and loose silver tank top, on her feet she placed only ornamental jewelry and let her hair down from its sever bun and Christened her pale cheeks with light silver make up .Placing a snake medallion around her neck she sheathed her wand on her hip and slipped from the dungeon room unhindered.

Her feet touched the cold stones silently and her heart beat thrummed in her ears with adrenaline at the thoughts of what lied behind the castle walls. Unable to contain her excitement she took to a sprint the moment the doors opened and ran down the green lawns her feet barely touching the ground with her speed.

Stepping into the forest the high moon led her way down the beaten paths into the less trodden ones, the sounds of drums filled the air and she walked quickly and quietly towards there sword. The smell of smokey fires and honey ale was thick on the air and the sounds of woops and yells and chanting intoxicated her mind.

Coming upon the clearing she looked in to see a roaring bonfire surrounded by many unearthly creatures all dancing, on this night so hollowed none dared to let old rivalries rise. The centaurs beat there hooves upon the ground and danced with fauns who in turn threw flowers into the fire, the faeries gave way to war cries as all gave thanks for this new season of warmth and light.

The music pounded in her ears and slipped from the trees and joined the circle of merry makers, a small young centaur galloped up to her and offered her a mug of honey ale and placed a crown of flowers on her hair, drinking in the sweet liquid, she felt it burn down her throat and light a fire in her soul. Opening her eyes she placed the mug on the ground and joined the dance.

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