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About Travellers

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About Travellers

Post by Misha Salander on Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:15 pm


Travellers are ancient order of witches and wizards who prefer to live in nomadic style. The group formed in lands of Bohemia over a millenium ago and managed to survive centuries without actually being detected. The suspected end of Travellers came few decades ago, when one of members fell in love with member of Gaunt family and left to live with him. He was, however, killed and she was forced to run and hide her pregnancy. After she rejoined with Travellers, the group was betrayed and mostly slaughtered except for a very few highest members who managed to hide, including the woman hunters were after. She gave birth to twin sisters and died the very night. The order temporarily disappeared. As Morana Gaunt, one of the mentioned twins learnt the secret of Travellers, the group was reunited again, bringing back ancient order of mysterious and dark Travellers.

Who are they?

Ever since their establishment, Travellers were group that focused mainly on collection informations, spying and creating the most underestimated weapons, poisons. During the years they mastered all of it. Travellers are highly skilled in wandless magic, they are very good in reading minds either violently or just by reading behavior of the people. Most of their rituals are based upon dark ancient magic, which allowed them to also master one of the greatest spying techniques, the curse of a passenger, where they are able to transport their sould into a body of their host and control it temporarily. This curse can also be used to save their sols from dying body. That, together with their skills in creating poisons and also cures unknown to anyone else, made the members capable of surviving 300 and more years. Even if they are not immortal unless they become a vampire.

Given their ability to gain information, control minds of others and create poison that no one has cure for, made Travellers interresting for armies and governments, either wizarding or muggle ones. The group itself is distant from all politics and live completely by themselves in their own order, which means they could join practicaly anyone, who needed them. However, to ask for help from Travellers, one has to count on the fact, the bigger prize is to be paid. Travellers are very closed group, who shares their secrets only in their inner circles and doesn't trust anybody. They help only if there is something coming out from it for them as well. They will always focus mainly on their own goals and survival of the group. Survival is their priority and they betray anyone if it means they live. It is not suggested to mess with the Traveller, nor accept his help unless it is really necessary.

How to become one?

Being a Traveller is gained by birthright. Once child was born as Traveller, it is always a Traveller and so will be next generations. Travellers are born purpleish crescent moon as their birth mark on the back of their necks. The children however, do not know secrets of the order untill they turn 17 and make their desicion. Every year on 30th of April, during Valpružina Noc (Walpurgis Night), young Travellers join the group to decide, if they want to be members or not. If not, they are free to leave and they will never get a chance to change their desicion. If they want to join, they have to go through ritual, at which they swear their loyality to the order and seal their silence about the Traveller secrets by accepting The Traveller Curse into their bodies, leaving black tattoo covering their spine. Since then, they become full members and start to learn all the secrets of the order.

The other way to become a Traveller is to marry one. As a spouse, you automaticaly gain status of initiate and it is your choice to follow the path or not. Unlike born Travellers, Travellers by marriage don't have right to be accepted by the order automatically, they have to gain their place and prove themselves worthy.

Traveller Tattoo:

Life as a Traveller:

It's urban myth that all Travellers live and travel together. Every Traveller is bound by the curse, which means he cannot share secrets of the order and also has to answer the call and come, when his elder decides it is necessary. But specialy in last centuries, Travellers either lived in small groups or even managed to live few decades at one place and build family on their own, without the group around. Truth is, that given the age Travellers are able to live and also their nature, they tend to always travel and after a while, even if a few decades, they most likely leave anyway. They are born to travel and also to hide. It is impossible to find a Traveller who doesn't want to be found. All Travellers are capable of speaking fluent Czech, for the language is key to most of their magic and sources of their knowledge.

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