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Eating Shiny Tiles

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Eating Shiny Tiles

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:18 pm

Spencer had just finished her interview for a job in the sector of the Ministry that dealt with other countries. She hoped that it had gone well, but it was her first interview so she was a bundle of nerves. The woman was dressed in a button white shirt and black pants but the most uncomfortable part were the heels the she thought would be a good idea to wear. They weren't.

She had walked from the muggle train station all the way to the visitors entrance to the Ministry of Magic, only to find that she was an hour early. She then spend almost an hour in and office talking about why she believed that she would be a good fit of the open position. It wasn't until she was back in the Atrium that she realised that she was a witch. In the hast to get to the interview, mixed with her anxiety, she had completely forgotten that she could have just apparated.

With that thought, she headed toward the closest exit with only destination in mind. She heard a quiet snap, but in her hurry she didn't have enough time to stop herself from falling to the dark, marble-tiled floor as one of the heels broke underneath her. Spencer didn't move for a few moments. She just sat on the ground as the people continued to bustle around her. Finally, she picked up the heal and shoes and began to stand, mumbling under her breath, "Well who's stupid idea was it to wear these bloody things in the first place?"


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Re: Eating Shiny Tiles

Post by Kieran MacPhearson on Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:58 pm

So here it is. Another day of work. Tons of papers and sight of my boss in my back like two daggers... Kieran thought as he was on his way to his office. So many things happened in his life recently. But he knew he has to work hard. Everything changed since he got together with Briana. But he was finally happy.

As he was passing through the atrium, he saw a young girl falling on the ground. He immediately walked towards her. "Are you okay miss?" He offered her a hand and helped her to stand up. "I'm sorry but i never met you anywhere around. Might I ask what are you doing in here?" Oh my. Stop being so unfrielndly...Am I being paranoic after the fight with boss? "I apologize. Where are my manners...i'm Kieran Macphearson. Might i know the name of a lady in distress?"
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