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First of Many... (Remus)

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First of Many... (Remus)

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:47 pm

Morgan awoke to see barely a glimmer of dawn touching the night sky from the window next to the bed she lay in. Gently lifting her head from Remus' bare chest, she looked to see if her...husband...was still asleep. She smiled at the new word that she could now use to describe him. She was actually surprised that she was awake after all the excitement from the wedding and reception that occurred the previous day and ran late into the night. Remus' parents were gracious enough to give them run of the house for the night and morning, so very late indeed...
It was Christmas morning, and Morgan wanted it to be extra special for it was the first of many holidays that they would be spending as a family. Getting up carefully, Morgan made sure not to disturb her love. She sat for a moment and just watched him sleep, so peacefully. Slowly, she got up from their bed and happened to spot his button down shirt from the wedding cast on the floor and picked it up, draping it over the foot of the bed. Morgan retrieved one of Remus' tee-shirts and slipped it on. Silently, Morgan climbed down the ladder and exited the bedroom.
Going to the kitchen, she quietly busied herself with preparing a special breakfast of fresh eggs, bacon, toast, and fruit. She had asked Remus' mother to help her stock the kitchen for this morning so everything would be there when she needed it, and his mother did not disappoint. As she readied breakfast, Morgan softly hummed the tune to the song she and Remus had danced to for the first time as husband and wife....


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